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Bonjour, Mon co-fondateur et moi-même sommes à la recherche d'un développeur pour 3 phases de notre projet (idéalement, le même développeur serait capable de mener à bout la totalité des différentes phases). Projet: il s'agit de créer une plateforme en ligne (anglais et français pour le moment) pour que des photographes amateurs (mais pourquoi pas aussi certains professionnels) proposent à la vente leurs clichés et/ou soient mis en relation avec des acheteurs potentiels. Ci-dessous la description en anglais de ces 3 phases: Phase 1 - Website and admin panel development, including user login, homepage with photograph categories for browsing, seller and buyer profiles (with functionality for uploading photos, but without functionality for buying/selling as we want to keep this side of the development separate). Initially, therefore, the website will resemble a photo sharing platform rather than a selling/purchasing platform. Key deliverable: A website which allows "sellers" to have a profile and upload their photos, and allows "buyers" to also have a profile, and browse photos. Please remember that we want to be able to choose the pictures that will be displayed into the buyers view, as not all uploads from sellers will be good enough to be sold. Timeline: End of December 2018, for us to start populating with photographs, share with prospective photographers, and generally fill with content. Phase 2 - This will be a buying/selling/framing/shipping extension to the Phase 1 website. The separation of these elements from Phase 1 is in order to give us time to work through the various complexities of each area, without preventing the initial development of the website from continuing. This phase is to include: - Ability for photos to be available for purchase - Options on purchasing (e.g. photo size, paper type, ink type, colour etc) - Options on framing (e.g. size, style, material etc) - Options on shipping (e.g. next day, express, international shipment etc) - Link to payment, being a link to 3rd party payment provider - Confirmation of order to V Gallery. Whilst an automated and integrated ordering process directly to our appropriate supply chain (e.g. Whitewall) would make sense once orders reach a certain level, we don't expect to need this in the early days. However, it's good to have in mind since the beginning so we are able to proceed when the times come. For now, it makes more sense for any orders to either be stored somewhere central where we have easy visibility, or for an email to be sent to us with order details, for us to then manage the shipment process directly with Whitewall outside of the website. Therefore, we will think about the insurance questions gradually as well (depending on the production supplier's options - case by case and gradually integrated solution). - Seller/buyer dashboard reporting on sales etc Key deliverable: A website with buying and selling functionality for users, and with an order notification process for us. Timeline: Mar-June 2019. Phase 3 - Development of Android/iOS apps that include buyer/seller functionality as outlined in phases 1 and 2 of website. Key deliverable: Mobile apps that have all the functionality of the Phase 1 and 2 website, but with the added benefit of being more suited to smartphone activity. These will be key complements to the website and the physical gallery. Timeline: Late 2019 onwards Nous avons détaillé le design sur ppt. Plus d'information disponible sur demande.

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