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Nickname : mehedihasandev
Date inscription : 01/02/2023
Dernière fois en ligne : 07/02/2023

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A statistical data analyst & research assistant, currently working at Fiverr for more than 1 year. I love to dig into the problem, try to find a pattern, and solve it through data analysis & research. I have worked on lots of research projects where I conduct data analysis and interpret insights from the results.
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I focus on creating the best possible content. I can work with several standards for managing all sorts of specific documents. love writing, and that is why I do it A passion for not only providing the kind of content that works for you but for helping clients achieve their goals. Being part of a project that builds your brand, launches a business to the next level, or achieves a long-term goal is simply an amazing
    • I perfectly Completed 2nd Year. Now I am in 3rd year at BBA (Honor's)

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