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Nickname : uisort
Date inscription : 22/01/2022
Dernière fois en ligne : 22/01/2022
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We specialize in PHP, YII Framework, Laravel, MySQL, Swift iOS, Google Flutter, Android Studio, AWS CI, CD, Design, Wordpress, Prestashop, CMS
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UiSort Technologies has a wonderful collection of products like FoodTro, MatriMic, ClassiMic, gajCart, Bakord, GraDeals, HostLeafy. All products have good reception in the market due to their uniqueness

We work on European schedules to help our customers to be connected with developers on a continuous and daily basis via the project management tool


UiSort Technologies is one of the leading web and mobile application development companies. We are a dedicated customer service team and have been operating in the IT industry since 2014. UiSort offers specialized software services in the areas of Custom Web Development, Offshore Product Development and Mobile Application Development.

We specialize in PHP, YII Framwork, Laravel, MySQL, Swift iOS, Google Flutter, Android Studio, AWS CI, CD, Design, Wordpress, Prestashop, CMS

UiSort Technologies' focused vision in framework design and development, backed by the wide range of experience in the field, including banking and financial services, telecommunications, healthcare, manufacturing, retail and consumer products, travel, transportation and hospitality with business intelligence tools and technologies from various vendors.

Building long-term relationships with our customers is Axmor's number one priority. Seventy percent of our customers come back to us with new projects because they appreciate the quality of the software we create and the level of professionalism our people bring.

UiSort Technologies has accepted the IT solution provider and is currently at the forefront of offshore software development to serve people around the world. We spread our wings in the website design and development industry and undertake all types of website development projects including CMS, shopping carts, business websites, e-commerce websites, networking sites social, blogging websites, business websites, personal websites and the list goes on. We do custom website design and development.


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