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Nickname : sanght
Date inscription : 11/07/2019
Dernière fois en ligne : 28/08/2019
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I am a software engineer. I have a good knowledge of how to develop a software product. Especially, How to build a website or application on a web platform.

I am proficient in using programming languages ??such as javascript,  java,  python, SQL. I also familiar with s ome frameworks like:  Spring, Loopback (NodeJS) ReactJS, AngularJS ... 

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I have 3 years of experience in software development working with some companies and working on my own projects.

I used to work at MGM company for 1.5 years (One of German technology company). So I can understand the culture and work with people in europe :). 

In the link below, It's one of my web application Which I made for the government in my home town. By using the application, it can help the government controls the number of cars 
parked on the street to avoid unauthorized parking and reduce traffic congestion. 


I graduated from Da Nang University of Technology. One of the best universities in Viet Nam.

My field is about software engineer. I learned and had strong skills in software development. For example, 


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