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IBM – Project Manager & Senior Technical Lead

Description: Global project management & team leading, technical advisory on Microservices, Agile, DevOps, etc.


PerfectShore - Chief Operating Officer

Description: Overall restructuring of the business process and management of the company's operations.


·         Conversion of a junior laureate team into a fully autonomous professional Scrum team with a phenomenal strike force, having secured more than 20 scheduled deliveries with a success rate greater than 90% within a year.

·         Establishment of a DevOps process for the industrialization of deliveries, allowing to pass a deliverable in the quality chain and finally deploy it in production in a few clicks and in the space of a few minutes.

·         Restructuring a software ranked secondary by the company with 0 MAD recipe, to make it a real workhorse that allowed to achieve a turnover around ½ million MAD in a year, these results allowed us to negotiate investments in France.

·         Realization of a POC redesigning the application above with a Microservice structure, with the potential to compete with Salesforce in the long run.


OCP - .NET Architect and Project Management Consultant

Description: Development of a custom application for contracts management.


·         Redesign of a badly made architecture without planning impact

·         Gained 30% of the initial planning

·         Implement agility in the project

·         Total autonomy of the team after my end of mission


ASP.NET   MVC 5, C #, Javascript, iTextSharp, DocX Library, WPF


PerfectShore - R&D Manager

Description: Responsible and garant of the Research and Development program within PerfectShore. The goal is to create a new innovation company that combines the cutting edge of software technology with the scientific edge of hardware devices, where the border of the impossible far exceeds a simple keyboard and mouse.


·         Development of an inventory management application based on RFID UHF technology


ASP.NET Core 1.0, Angular 2, Portable Libraries, Parse-Server, Xamarin ...

Robotic, Microcontroller, Communication Technologies, Radio Frequency, IA, IoT, Sensors, etc ...


CGI - .NET Architect and DevOps Consultant

Description: Architect & tech lead, having joined the project to convert the technical assets of a 29 engineer team to the newest Microsoft technologies.


·         Upgrading a 29 engineer team

·         Architecture definition and design

·         Technologies and workflow strategy consulting

·         Optimizations and background solutions MVC 4, 5, 6, .NET 4.0, 4.5, 4.6, AngularJS, KendoJS ...


Atos - .NET Architect and Team Lead

Description: Contributed as an Architect & tech lead to the redesign of budget management application, which failed 4 times before.


·         Design of a front-end architecture that has won the project more than 500 man-days in planning


·         Leading and management of a team of architects and experts

·         Architecture definition and design

·         Framework definition and design

·         Team backup (15 members)

·         Team coaching

·         Team management MVC 5-6, .NET 4.5-4.6, knockout.js, SyncFusion, T4, JQuery ...


Inwi (Adaptive IT) - QA Consultant (Telecom)

Description: QA Consultant, contributed to the functional approval of the software deliveries. (Telecom).


·         Introduced a hybrid testing approach customly made for the company based on assisting manual testers with automated testing frameworks.


·         Proofreading of specifications

·         Writing testing books

·         Test & validation of solutions

·         Coordination with the editor

·         Tracking tasks / incidents



OnJobs Web agency - Co-founder and Technical Director

Description: An online web agency based for online freelance on oDesk platform (Currently Upworks).


·         More than 10 successful projects

·         1 fairly large project achieved

·         Feedback of 4.9 / 5



·         Business Development

·         Team Monitoring & staffing

·         Project management

·         Risk management

·         Technical Consulting



Avanade (Accenture) - Technical Lead

Project   11 : Disco

Description   : Insurance file tracking tools.


·         Support and Coaching

·         Technical training of the team

·         Task Analysis

·         Solving technical problems


Approx. Technical:. NET 4.0, MVC3 Razor, TFS 2010, Visual Studio 2010, C #, EF, Oracle 11g.

Project   10 : Taiga

Description   : A large software for life insurance management.


·         Project follow up

·         Lead of developments

·         Requirement analysis

·         Estimation

·         Writing technical specifications

·         Reviewing specs and code

·         Coaching and training

·         Team Management (2 members)


Approx. Technical: .NET 2.0, ASP.NET, VB.NET, PL / SQL, TFS


Online Freelancer - .NET Consultant & Project Manager

Project 9   : Portalbuzz

Description   : Portalbuzz is a large site that allows to manage all Kiwanis clubs and have their members interact


·         Requirements analysis

·         Design

·         Development

·         Unit testing


Approx. Technical .NET 4.0, C #, MVC3 Razor, Visual Studio 2010, JQuery, AutoMapper, ELMAH, NHibernate, FluentNHibernate, Amazon S3, MSpec, Rhino.Mock, Mercurial

Project 8   : EMSL

Description   : Converting a PHP application to ASP.NET 4.0.


·         Analysis of the existing application

·         Estimation & Planning

·         Architectural Design

·         Technical Design

·         Development


Approx. Technical .NET 4.0, ASP.NET 4.0, SOA, EF, Microsoft SQL Server 2008, Visual Studio 2010

Project 7   : Lexicore

Description   : Development of specific modules responding to the client's needs for DNN (e-mail form sending module, display of a flash video gallery ...).


·         Presentation of technical offers

·         Estimate & Planning

·         Consulting

·         Design & development

·         Technical documentation


Approx. Technical: .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C #, SOA, AJAX Toolkit, DotNetNuke, Merise, T / SQL, Visual Studio 2008

Project 6   : Domainface

Description   : Participating in the development of the best search engine of domain names existing on the market at that time (the product was bought by Protrada)

·         Requirements Analysis

·         Technical specification

·         Development

·         Technical benchmarking


Approx. : .NET 4.0, C #, MVC 2/3, Razor, Lucene.NET, Elmah, MEF, JQuery, Highcharts, GIT, Visual Studio 2010

Project 5   : Reciply

Description   : Participating in the development of a SaaS application for sales and exposure of cooking recipes


·         Requirement Analysis

·         Technical specifications

·         Development

·         Responsible unit testing


Approx. Technical . NET 4.0, C #, MVC 3 Razor, JQuery, Team system Unit testing, T / SQL (Sql Server 2008 R2), TFS 2010


Involys - R&D Developer Engineer

Project   4   : Administration  

Description: Development of an administration website app for backing up & restoring the system (Website & Database)


·         Requirement analysis

·         Design

·         Production

·         Integration

·         Maintenance


Approx. Technical: .NET 3.5, ASP.NET, C #, NAnt, Spring.NET, AJAX ToolKit, UML, SOA, AOP, TFS


Project   3   : Security Library  

Description: Redesign of the library that allows security management of all the company’s applications in a unified and standard way


·         Requirement analysis

·         Design

·         Production

·         Integration

·         Maintenance


Approx. Technical: .NET 3.5, C #, NHibernate, String.NET, UML, Merise, NUnit, SOA, AOP, TFS


Project   2   : Deployer  

Description: Development of a tool that automates the packaging & deployment process.

Mission   :

·         Requirement analysis

·         Technical specification

·         Development

·         User guide preparation and training

·         Maintenance


Approx. Technical: .NET 2.0, WinForm, VB.NET, Team System API, Reflexion, TFS

Project   1   : ActiveX.NET   

Description: Development of a .NET ActiveX to modify Crystal Report files in webapps and modify the .NET processing classes for these reports. This involved embedding the Crystal Report IDE in this ActiveX and also creating a mini IDE for modifying the .NET code.


·         Requirements analysis

·         Technical specification

·         Developments

·         User guide preparation and training

·         Maintenance


Approx. Technical: .NET 2.0, VB.NET, Crystal Report Components / API, Web Services, Reflexion, TFS

Other Project   :

·         Integration of NHibernate into an existing software (Praxis)

·         Participation in the partial overhaul of an application (Vectis)

·         Development of an authorization management application











Masters in Engineering - Computing methods applied to business management 2009-2012

School of IT Engineering, Telecommunications and Management (ESTEM)

Major Project: Groupware's Market Study & SharePoint 2010 Portal Implementation






Diploma of higher education – Computer Science, 2006-2008

Institute of Management & Computer Science (ISGI)

Major Project: Assets Management app





Bachelor's degree in Mathematical Sciences















International Scrum Institute


?      Accredited Scrum Master


International Organization for Project Management


?      Accredited Project Manager (APRM)





New Mexico State University Certification


?      Web Application Architectures




Microsoft Certification 


?      70-480: Programming in HTML5 with JavaScript and CSS3








Certifications (Brainbench - SHL)  :


?      ASP.NET 4.0


?      C# 4.0


?      .NET Framework 3.5 Fundamentals


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