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Nickname : danpaun
Date inscription : 16/09/2005
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Domaines de compétence

·        Development, design and implementation of n-tier systems and large-scale Internet applications.

·        System engineering (Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003)

·        LAN/WAN communications

·        Implementation and design of linear and digital electronic systems

Expérience professionnelle

A.      Professional experience

1)       I established my own software company after I came back from Tokyo-Japan.

After 4 of August 2004 I established my own software company “Peacock Computer” Ltd willing to offer my services as senior software programmer to various customers including other software companies. For any further information about what projects I developed, since I have started working on my own company. I want to emphasize also the fact, that I am open to any proposal of collaboration with software companies (for instance full time job etc).

2)       Software programmer working in Tokyo - Japan for “Digital Graphic Systems” Company                         10 April 2004 – 4 August 2004

I worked in Tokyo for DGS Computer Co. Japan on a contract basis, mainly developing software for managing big hospitals workflow, and for software acquisition and processing of images containing scanned human body parts from medical devices.


·          PMS (Patient Management System) medical software designed for the complete management of a typical Japanese hospital.

This PMS software that I developed ensure management of patients database, patient visit schedule and very important manages scanning workflow for all medical equipments in the hospital( CT – Computed Tomography, MR – Magnetic Resonance, US –Ultrasound, PET – Positron Emission Tomography).

Communication with medical devices for sending patient visit data and for receiving results was made using DICOM protocol which is a standard in medicine.

Platform: Windows XP

Programming language: MS Visual Studio .Net C#



3)       Software Development Engineer working for OMNIS GROUP ( November 2001 – March 2004


·          ISIS (Integrated Strategic Information System) a software from ERP category designed for the complete management of Romanian enterprises.

I worked for Business Logic Layer team, developing software components inside Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 with ATL especially designed to be loaded inside COM+ on Windows 2000. Purpose of these ActiveX components is to be called further by ASP.Net programmers working on Microsoft Visual Studio .Net.

Platform: Windows 2000

Programming language: MS Visual C++ 6.0 with Active Template Library



·          AVL (Automated Vehicle Locator) software from Geographic Information System (GIS) category

I developed this software named Automated Vehicle Locator (AVL) using a digital map of Romania at 1:100000 scale and ESRI Map Objects ActiveX programming tools. This software is able to display routes and positions for vehicles on the digital map receiving latitude and longitude coordinates via GSM. The “AVL” software was designed for integration with “Transportation Module” inside ISIS - ERP software.

Platform: Windows 2000

Programming language: MS Visual Basic 6.0 using MAP OBJECTS

                                    ActiveX collection.


Digital Map: ESRI shapes format provided by “ROSA

(Romanian Space Agency) scale 1:100000.

Additional hardware: GPS-GSM module ( located inside traced vehicle), for receiving satellite position of vehicle and transmitting further via GSM.

Nokia GSM modem (located at dispatch operation center) for receiving vehicle positions via GSM.


4)       April 2000 – November 2001 Development engineer working for FASMA a Greek software company specialized in Web based solutions.

In this company I worked in a team leader position, charged with development of “Business Logic Layer” and “Data Access Layer” modules, and I worked as programmer in Visual C++ 6.0 and Visual Basic 6.0.From my position usually I was the database designer for every project and also I was charged for choosing the project architecture and the technology to be used behind the web site.


·          For EFA Company an international broker for military trading we built the Web site at address The main purpose of this site is to be a Business-to-Business portal for all contractors on military market regarding non-military contracts (offset contracts) that usually accompany the military contract.


·          EAGORA web site that is a complete E-COMMERCE solution available at address hosted in Romania or hosted in Cyprus.

This web site behaves like a portal for many e-shop categories, and also gives the possibility to build online a virtual store over Internet, with separate web address.


·          For the financial web site I have made in Visual Basic the administration tools for MSSQL 7.0 database as a desktop application in Visual Basic 6.0. For remote administration of database over the Internet I used RDS protocol (Remote Data Service).

Platforms:            Windows NT 4(components in MTS); Windows 2000(components in COM+),

RDBMS:         MSSQL7.0; 2000

Programming languages:               

Visual C++(with ATL, STL, ISAPI)

6.0,Visual Basic 6.0 + ADO 2.5 as

database access technology.


5)       Software Development Engineer working for Romanian Data Soft Company

Romanian Data Soft is a software service provider company that rents computer programmers for working abroad especially in France.

I collaborate with this company working on a contract basis from August 1998 - April 2000



·          Paris - Neuilly Plaisance KARDEX SA    (working as Romanian Data Soft consultant).

The KARDEX Company makes very large industrial storage equipments. For this company I developed a Windows NT/2000 device driver for controlling an internal ISA bus card working in I2C Philips protocol.

Further with this card I controlled an external board with relays and various other inputs and outputs.

Platforms:            Windows NT 4, Windows 2000

Windows Kernel Driver: WinDriver.SYS made by Jungo Company (

Programming language: Borland C++ Builder 5.0; MS Visual C++ 6.0


·          ANDERSEN CONSULTING - France - Paris La Defense Place des Vosges

 (working as Romanian Data Soft consultant)

                                Project:                 ARTES (Automated Remote Time Entry System).

For this project I was programmer in a multinational development team. This software was dedicated for the complete internal management of Andersen Consulting Company (accounting and resource planning).

Operating system: -Windows 95,98                                                                             

Software development environments

-          MS Visual Basic 5.0, then ported in 6.0

-          Seagate Crystal Reports 6.0

        Database management software: -MS SQL SERVER 6.5;-MS ACCESS 97

                                Email Exchange Software: -Lotus Notes 4.5


6)       June 1997 – August 1998 "FINSIEL - Romania" - Romanian branch of Finsiel Italy Company Development engineer


·          SANITA – Project manager and programmer


Ø       Designing communication software between IBM-PC and IBM-Mainframe, for Health Ministry from Italy. Main purpose of this program was to make an easily access with any IBM-PC computer, to the medical assurance system from Italy, that is stored on mainframes.


Ø       Designing an interface for exploring and maintaining files on mainframe. The project was made in Romania and implemented by me in Italy at Rome under the FINSIEL Italy Company contract.

Platforms:                     Windows NT, Windows 95


languages and technologies:

IBM PC: Visual Basic 5.0, HLL.API


product, MABRY FTP ActiveX Control

Mainframe: CICS (Custom Information

 Control Service)

Network Communication Protocol:          FTP

·          Proigiena Geographic Information System Software

Ø       Software from G.I.S.  Category with purpose of connection an ORACLE database to digital map of Bucharest city. The client was French company PROIGIENA and the final beneficiary, Bucharest city hall.

Platforms:                                     Windows NT, Windows 95

Languages and technologies:       

Visual Basic 5.0, MAP OBJECTS ESRI –

USA, Oracle ODBC, Crystal Reports

Database management system:            ORACLE 7

Network Protocol:      TCP/IP

Ø       A software system able to manage millions of records.

Ø       Designing and implementation of graphic user interface with digital map and with database

Ø       Designing of stored procedures and reports.


Education: Polytechnic University Bucharest - Electronics and Telecommunications Faculty

Specialization:                     Computer systems (University Degree in June-1997)

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