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Domaines de compétence


Many sectors making solid experience:

Energy sector, Fiduciaries & Accounting, Insurance, European Commission (organizations), Telecom, eCommerce, Healthcare.

Process Frameworks and Methodologies

Agile (Scrum, XP, TDD), Archimate

EA Frameworks and standards


Architectural Styles

SOA, Virtualization, SaaS, REST, EAI

Project Management Methodology

PMP Hybrid (Mix Prince 2, V-Model, PMP)

Integration Tools

Many platform for many challenges:

BizTalk, MSMQ, SQL Server, AppFabric + WF

Development Languages

Excellent hands-on development skills. Over more than 20 years of success in meeting critical software engineering challenges:

.Net (VB, C#), Windev (since version 8), C++, Fortran, PHP, Perl,



Many experience across multiple platform during multiple positions

Windows (IIS, AD, SQL, BizTalk, SharePoint (2007-2013), MSMQ, Lync, Windows Phone), Linux (Perl), Mac (XCode for IOS), Android, Clickview, Unix, VMware


Developed Application

ERP-CRM, Stock car center, ‘Bod’ analysis, Monitoring systems, Fleet mobiles solution, Games, AI …

Expérience professionnelle

2008 – 2014





Actual Customer :

GDF SUEZ (6years - 1 year with HP, 4 with iTweak SPRL), Brussels

Provided mixed roles, IT advisory services and IT consulting for a Belgian leading provider of Energy, multiple roles during 6 years :


Year 4 to 6 – Solution (Enterprise) Architect for UCC Program

Aligns IT with business strategies and standards that leverage business and technical architectures, information workflow, use case analysis, and risk assessment to verify fitness-for-purpose.

Developed IT strategic vision for Enterprise (ECM) collaboration proposed to the IT Master Plan (“Schema Directeur des Infrastructures”) @ Group Level (210.000 Users).

Working with stakeholders to develop ECM architecture framework that aligns necessary processes with business goals.

Market analysis, to target best approach on collaborative alternatives solutions as well as defined roadmap in the context of GDF SUEZ.

(Enterprise Social Networking and unified communication as a wining combo).

Use cases analysis with Business, functional studies for collaboration and Enterprise social networking usage, elaborate strategy to consolidate under same user experience.

Define strategy for authentication mechanism (Identity Federation) in collaboration with IAM team.

Define, write and review RFP for external services.

Technical follow up with providers until signature.

Market CLOUD analysis for ECM and Social platforms.

Strategy for MS SQL enterprise services (push to consolidates and make enterprises SQL services as well for SharePoint Services) in the new DCs.


Year 3 to 6 - Solution Architect to design and blueprint new application landing on same ECM for consolidation and integration architecture with application gardening, mixing technologies to bring best user experience.

To define the best scenario of building package and deliver them on those ECM group platform.

Design SOA production and integration tiers featuring failover, load balancing, SSL acceleration and CDN Network via mirrored reverse proxies (CISCO, F5) appliances.

Study, implement and deliver best Application Performance Management (APN) toolset to support multiple Dev teams and customers in the delivery process (stress testing with PRE-PRD).

Generic study on BYOD with Security (Electrabel side)

Data center migration (Belgium DC to France DC) needs ans analysis concerning Web applications (around 90 Servers).

Led multiple POCs:  UCC -> SharePoint 2013 Vs Alfresco, Lync – Vs Jabber.


Year 1 to 3 - Infrastructure Architect to deploy and maintain first group collaboration platforms based on SharePoint 2007.

Co-authoring SLA and OLA definition.

Domain-Forest (AD) strategy for the group (above 200 Domains).

Technical SQL Servers consolidation

Write development guideline related to ECM platform and Enterprise Orchestration solutions (Biztalk).

Deploy clickview solution (BI) and deliver guidance for VIP users

Migration of data-warehouse and legacy solution from Belgium to France (SP, WebLogic, Solaris, and Linux).

3rd Party tools analysis: Quest, Avepoint, …




iTweak SPRL (since 2009) Ongoing development and research :

Milieu LTD, Brussels: Solution Architecture, Design and develop SOA application to manage and maintain both projects and Expert Database for around the world partners. : HFSQL Local + WinDev + .Net + Mobile SPRL, Brussels: Strategic launch on the market of new Fiduciary application in an all-in-one application managing both ERP and CRM aspects. Windows application Client/server, SOA and Mobile across multiple headquarters. Still under development.

Engine : SOA + .Net + WinDev Mobile



Older developments, some examples :

-       Bod scanner (2000)

This project was focusing on Medical care analysis needs.

After blood test, a first machine was printing a result of infection pattern test on ‘Bods’ (thin paper with grayscale shades). The solution was coupled to an interface to analyse those results and produce the infection probability percentage. This software (algorithm) has been deployed in multiple Belgian hospitals.

Client side application on dedicated machines.

Engine : Flat-file DB, Visual Basic 6 DLLs + WinDev (UI)

-       Real Estate property management (2002)

The Goal of this solution was to provide a direct access to all the proposed property across the country. Any of the Real estate department could have access to the same information in real time. DB engine : Dbase, WinDev




2007 – 009



Organization: Hewlett Packard CDS, Brussels           

Head of Microsoft Practice + HP Services Consultant

Role @ HP Side : Solution Architect / Head of Microsoft Practice

-       Supervised and managed activities of a team of 10+ FTE direct reports located in HP CDS HQ

Led and drive the Practice, elevate competencies and placing to HP customers (Body Shopping)

-       Architecture, design and lead development of Break and Fix international mobile solution (HPCDS global system EMEA)

Engine: SQL + MSMQ + Windows Mobile + Windows form

-       Define Practice activities, trainings, reviews and follow up

-       HP/Microsoft solution evangelist

-       Define business strategy and budget with HP-CDS CIO


Role(s) @ Customer side :

Microsoft Solution Architect / Infrastructure Architect

HP  Customers : GDFSUEZ (see above, GDF SUEZ), Fortis, NATO, RTBF, Glaverbel

- Many small mission as Solution architecture, development

- Architecture @ GDFSUEZ (Collaboration – SharePoint 2007)


-       Define solutions and architecture for HP customers

-       Make studies and requirement, solution analysis

-       Lead of many small custom software solution

-       Architecture Studies, Blueprints


2002 – 2007



Organization: Belgacom SA, Brussels

Mission @ European Commission for 5 years, Brussels           

Role: .NET Consultant + Network Engineer.

-       Developing tools (monitoring, tracing) for EC for helping Officials managing the network - general object-oriented concepts approach

-       Help to define strategies in next generation Cisco products and technology

-       Project Management

-       Problem Analysis

-       Design and deliver portal for relationship with EC


1999 - 2002



Organization: TEIN Telecom S.A., a small telecom company

Role: TMN Project Engineer, IT Engineer

-       Project management of SDH installation (Marconi) at Belgacom and test with internal software development.

-       Nodes management support.

-       Head of a team of 4 people to deploy Marconi systems

-       Deliver and maintain Lab activities

-       Writing drivers for special broker devices ‘Etrali’ system to communicate with old systems versions

-       Configuration and debugging ‘NICE’ solutions software, for banking and trading rooms voice recording system

-       Test and deployment of VoIP systems

-       Many modules development for the network business: automatic dialler-tester, automatic check via network, emergency line handling and rerouting, etc


1996 -  1999:




Organization: Cybèle SPRL, Study Job, very small cell phone repair company, under Ericsson partnership

Role: Support Engineer


-       Service quality  handling

-       Debugging of Ericsson software (partnership)  cell phone based on old proprietary development solution

-       Repair and support




o    2007 – Executive master in IT Governance – Solvay Brussels school, part of Solvay Alumni

o    1999 –Computer Science, ‘Université Libre de Bruxelles’.(ULB)

o    1997 –Bachelor in Electronics Specialized in Robotics, InRaCI, Brussels.

o    1994 –CESS in Electronics and Computers, InRaCi, Brussels.


Completed Trainings Since 1999:


o    RECAP (Visual Tool for Archimate Framework) - 2012

o    Archimate – Architecture, SUEZ – 2011

o    HP, Project management – 2008

o    Unix programming in ANSI C++ - HP – 2008

o    Unix Accelerated System & Networks – L1&2 - HP - 2007

o    Biztalk 2006 Development course (C#), HP – 2007

o    SQL Mastering, Belgacom course – 2006

o    Project Management, Belgacom course - 2006

o    ITIL Certified .(Certification Number 219464-5827) - 2005

o    OOP .Net 2.0 (VB, C#), U2U – 2005

o    SharePoint 2007 Building solutions (VB, C#), U2U – 2005

o    ASP.Net, U2U  - 2004

o    NAS & SAN Infrastructure basic, Belgacom - 2004

o    Cisco: ccna, ccnp, bcmsn, vpn, routing, switching, vpn, IDS. – 2002 - 2006

o    Vasco (AAA), Checkpoint (Firewall) - 2003

o    Unix administration, CE Course – 2003

o    Microsoft VB.Net (2373B), U2U - 2002

o    NICE Voice recording algorithm, Israël – 2000

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