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Nickname : djazairi85
Type de structure : travailleur occasionnel
Date inscription : 30/10/2012
Dernière fois en ligne : 30/10/2012
Classement : classé 48 230ème sur 89 578 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

Configuration management

Clearcase, SVN

Programming languages

C#.NET (WCF (Soap), WPF/Silverlight, Winforms, LINQ, ADO.NET, Multi threading), VB.NET, Java (Swing, JPA), ADA, C/C++ (real time)

Web :  

J2E (Struts 2), ASP.NET,  web services (Java, .Net)  HTML, XML/XSL, PHP, ASP, Javascript (Ajax), CMS (Joomla, TYPO3)

Script languages :

VBScript, Python

Development environment

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET (All versions), Blend, Eclipse

Design and methodology

Objecteering (UML), Rhapsody


Microsoft SQL Server (SQL, Transact-SQL, DTS, Administration), Oracle (SQL, PL/SQL), MySql



Operating systems



Unix, Linux, Windows


Expérience professionnelle

Since April 2011 : Confidential (Software house), London












.NET Software engineer


New version of the software aimed at designing the questions structure, filter logic, formatting of screens of a complete survey

·         Development of the new version of the design software using User Centered Development and Tests Driven Development method. Creation of custom Silverlight and WPF controls using blend 4 and C# .NET 4.0 (with visual studio 2010, PRISM, NUnit and Moq).

·         Configuration management has been made using SVN.

Involved skills and technologies:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2010 & Blend (C# .NET Framework 4.0, LINQ, WPF, Silverlight, PRISM)


2008-2010 : Thales communications (Defense and security),  Massy-France


.NET Software engineer


New generation command and information system (SIC21 Software project) for the French Navy

·         Specification, design using UML, coding and testing of software dedicated to Microsoft Active Directory replication. The software was constituted by a multi threaded  Windows service created using WCF, ADO.NET and LINQ, a GUI created using Winforms C# with visual studio 2008 (Framework 3.5) using MVC architectural pattern and an integrated database using SQL Server compact.

·         Creation of a GUI for the patch deployment software of SIC21 using JAVA SWING.

·         Configuration management has been made using Rational Clearcase and Saga for bug report.

Involved skills and technologies:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2008 (C# .NET Framework 3.5, LINQ, ADO.NET, Winforms (MVC), Multi threading), WCF (inter process communication)

Eclipse (Java SWING)





Information Systems skills

2007- 2008 : Research international (Marketing studies), Paris- France


.NET Software developer


Development and installation of a virtual platform aimed at ensuring the quality management of mail deliveries by French National Postal Services

·         Creation of a website using ASP.NET, Javascript (MVC architectural pattern), C#/VB.NET with Visual studio 2005 (Framework 2.0) for the testers to report mail deliveries and order reward gifts. The website was calling webservices created using C#, ASP.NET, ADO.NET. The webservices were communicating with the database (SQL Server 2000) calling complexes Transact SQL Stored procedures.

·         Ongoing maintenance and optimization of the multi threaded hotline software created using Winforms, VB.NET with visual studio 2005 (Framework 2.0) for gifts orders and tester’s follow-up phone-calls management.

·         Configuration management has been made using Tortoise SVN, software design using UML method and database design using MERISE.

Involved skills and technologies:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 (VB.NET, ASP.NET (MVC), Javascript, C# .NET Framework 2.0, ADO.NET, Winforms, Multi threading)

SQL Server 2000 (SQL, Transact-SQL, Administration)

Tortoise SVN


2006- 2007 : Bouygues Telecom (First french mobile phone network) - Paris-France


.NET Developper


Development of software tools for optimization of the Customer Relations services efficiency

Developments of VB6, VB.NET (using visual studio 2005 framework 2.0) applications, communicating with an SQL Server 2000 database, to treat, monitor and optimize the flow of calls and mail sent by customers.

Involved skills and technologies:

Microsoft Visual Studio .NET 2005 (VB.NET, Winforms, Framework 2.0, ADO.NET)

Microsoft Visual Studio 6

·  SQL Server 2000 (SQL, Transact-SQL, Administration)



ETGL Orsay France

Software engineer master’s degree (apprenticeship)

Passed with honours

Software project management (V life cycle), Software project object oriented design (UML methodology), database design (MERISE methodology).

Small projects :

·         Development of a website using google map javascript api, java STRUTS 2, SQL Server 2008, AJAX and WPF (Visual studio 2010 + Expression Blend) for the rich client.

Development of an embarked system for cars using C++.


Velizy Institute of technologies

Bachelor degree – Information technologies


Velizy Institute of technologies

2years degree – Information technologies


GCE A Level

Passed with honours

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