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Nickname : sev.bauds
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 13/01/2010
Dernière fois en ligne : 23/07/2010
Classement : classé 55 801ème sur 95 261 prestataires classés

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IT Infrastructure consultant with 9 years experience on Linux/Unix, certified in Software Testing, ITIL v3, Sun Solaris 10 Administration and Scrum Master. In depth knowledge of algorithms programming and real-time constraints. Significant experience in systems administration, network software programming, integration and validation, and multiple project management.


               IT Skills


C, C++, Shell, Perl, GTK, Qt, SQL, PHP



Merise, UML, Agile (Scrum)



Unix (Linux, BSD, Solaris), Windows (XP, 2003)



MySQL, PostgreSQL, IBM Informix, Oracle


Network solutions

GLPI / OCS, Cfengine, Puppet, Zabbix, Nagios, Cacti, PXE, Kickstart



Mantis, Trac, Gforge, CFS


Quality Assurance

Cruise Control, XUnit tools, Splint, Valgrind, Gprof, Selenium, CVS, SVN



Expérience professionnelle

January 2010 – Present

Infrastructure Consultant at Mblox – London as permanent


  • Implementing indicators on monitoring and ticketing systems for making up dashboards
  • Contributing in improving IT services management processes


Technologies: Redhat Linux, PostgreSQL, SVN, RT Request Tracker, Nagios / Opsview, SQL and Unix scripting (Perl)


September 2009 – December 2009

Infrastructure Consultant at Keyrus – London and France (Paris – Chantilly) as freelancer


  • Contributed in translating IT infrastructure management to ITIL life-cycles and processes
  • Designed and implemented a configuration-change monitoring tool (Perl, MySQL)
  • Integrated the solution with extranet using SOAP
  • Patched open source IT projects for specific needs (GLPI and OCS)
  • Developed a snapshot tool compatible with Windows, Linux and several networking equipment types


Technologies: Debian Linux, VMware ESX, GLPI / OCS Inventory, MySQL, SVN, SQL and Unix scripting (Bash, Perl), Webservices (SOAP), Mediawiki,


March 2008 - April 2009

Systems Engineer at British Telecom – France (Paris)


  • Maintained integration, rescue and production environments (RH Clusters, AIX, Windows 2003)
  • Charged with three-month operability study on the exploitation of Opsware SAS products, results of which were sent to Chief of Technology
  • Supervised batches and services (Unix cron, $Universe, Axway XFB, Oracle, JBoss, Tomcat)
  • Referenced IS dedicated to main customer: 40 servers (GLPI, shell scripting, Perl)
  • Deployed customer-specific projects (Oracle and Unix scripts, JBoss and Tomcat applications)
  • Maintained and upgraded VMware ESX servers
  • Defined, implemented and monitored customer access rights to the technical environment
  • Provided solutions for indicators and documentation in a proactive way
  • Wrote and improved agreed procedures to resolve issues
  • Conducted technical meetings, including follow-up with clients
  • Followed ITIL ISO 9001-2000 and ISO 20000 processes


Technologies: Red Hat Linux (RHES 4 and RHAS 4), MS Windows 2003, IBM AIX 5.3, SAN IBM, Unix scripting (Bash, Perl), Nagios, Cacti, GLPI, $Universe, Opsware SAS, VMware ESX, Oracle 9i, Axway XFB and CFT, Veritas VVR, Apache, Tomcat, JBoss, IIS, Bind, LDAP, Selenium, Witbe appliances


March 2006 - April 2009

Technical Project Manager, Year 5 Student Projects at Epitech – France (Paris - Le Kremlin Bicêtre)


  • Supervised approximately 38 projects per year, 5 to 10 students per project, 24 months per project
  • Evaluated technical and documentation aspects
  • Graded final defence of thesis projects as part of a committee
  • Required students to use Agile methodologies (including iterative and incremental sprints)
  • Managed VMWare ESXi environment designed for projects evaluation
  • Part-time basis (approx. 10 hours per week)


Technologies: Debian Linux, MS Windows 2003, VMware ESXi, Trac, SVN


January 2007 - February 2008

Integration Engineer at eServGlobal - France (Paris - Malakoff)


  • Integrated a prepaid mobile phone system (Solaris, C++, Informix, JBoss, CORBA)
  • Scheduled multiple project integration tasks for several clients
  • Implemented QA / testing campaigns (functional integration and system testing, load testing)
  • Developed a static analysis tool on database definitions, later applied to all clients
  • Streamlined integration environments to support the full life-cycle development (Solaris 10 zoning)
  • Improved automated procedures (Perl, SQL, CVS)
  • Drafted installation guides and department documentation
  • Taught integration tasks to next collaborators within department
  • Provided L3 Support for L2 Support and project teams
  • Headed up emergency incident diagnosis for main client
  • Worked with collaborators located in Romania, China and Pakistan
  • Followed Agile best practices in life-cycle development


Technologies: Sun Solaris clusters, IBM Informix, Oracle, C++, JBoss, CORBA, Unix shell scripting (Ksh, Perl), Solaris 10 zoning, Mediawiki, Mantis, CVS


February 2006 - December 2006

Program Engineer at CheckPhone – France (Paris - Suresnes)


  • Developed an IPS/Firewall managing VoIP (SIP): state machine development, network traffic analysis, firewall/DB connectors, unitary tests, load and stress tests, dynamic profiling
  • Initiated functional validation: integration environment deployment, HMI use case testing
  • Conducted project management tasks: knowledge base for technical department, reporting, development cycles and deliveries time line
  • Led customer demonstrations: in show-room and on site deployments, directed technical conferences


Technologies: Debian Linux, OpenBSD, C++, bridged networking, PostgreSQL, Spirent Abacus, sipp, nemesis, gprof, electric fence, valgrind, gforge, SIP phones: Cisco, Thomson, Grandstream


July 2001 - April 2004

Program Engineer at Prologue Software - France (Paris - les Ulis)


  • Internships and part-time jobs while studying
  • Constituted a Linux From Scratch (LFS) distribution working on thin clients (X-Terminals)
  • Developed a tape archiver software on Linux compatible with Prologue Operating System
  • Provided support and gathered requests from client on pilot site for beta testing
  • Built RPM packages of Open Source softwares


Technologies: Mandriva Linux, Prologue / Twin Server OS, C, GTK, RPM, Dhcp, PXE, Linux kernel compilations, X-Window System / XDM




EPITECH (Paris) - Master of Science in Information Technology – Government accredited

Majors: Project Management, AI Algorithms programming, Systems & Network programming



IFIP - Master of Science in Project Management



EPITECH - Bachelor of Computer Science



Baccalauréat scientifique, equivalent to English A-levels majoring in science: Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology



ISEB BH0-004: ISEB-ISTQB Foundation Certificate in Software Testing

EXIN ITV3F.FR: EXIN ITIL v3 Foundation Certificate in IT Service Management

SCSA CX-310-200: Sun Certified System Administrator for Solaris 10 OS

Scrum Alliance CSM: Certified Scrum Master

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