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Nickname : caprice
Type de structure : non spécifié/autre
Date inscription : 25/07/2009
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Domaines de compétence

Arabe: Excellent (lu, écrit et parlé)

Anglais: Excellent (lu, écrit et parlé)

Francais: Excellent (lu, écrit et parlé)

Espagnol:Niveau moyen (lu, écrit et parlé)

Allemand: Niveau debutant (lu, écrit et parlé)

Expérience professionnelle

*       Period: July 2008 è June 2009

*       Employer: IIE / Department of State

*       Position: Fulbright Foreign Language Teacher (graduate and undergraduate students) for the Department of Religion in the University of Georgia/USA.

*       Description of duties:

§  Teaching Arabic language, media Arabic, Arabic composition, Arabic literature and poetry, Arabic dialects…


§  July 13th – July 17th: Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Orientation Workshop in Cairo, Egypt

§  July 28th – August 1st: Foreign Language Teaching Assistant (FLTA) Orientation Workshop at Columbia University. New York, USA

§  December 10th – December 15th: Mid-Year Fulbright Workshop, Washington D.C, USA (on public speaking, time management, developing content for the web, American subculture...)



§  Tutoring of French language

§  Translation in cooperation with the Educational Assessment Incorporation in Athens/Georgia

§  Copywriting for E-focus (web content creation and editing for marketing, information or review purposes)

§  Transcribing and translating for mi2productions (Source material in Lebanese dialect, French, Standard Arabic… Target language: English)

*       Period: September 2005 è July 2008

*       Employer: Ministry of Education and Training of Tunisia

*       Position: English Teacher

*       Schools:

§  Zanouch Secondary School in Gafsa, Tunisia

§  Essourour Preparatory School in Gafsa, Tunisia


§  July – August 2001:  Linguistic training in Great Britain (University of Wales)

§  February 2005 – July 2005: Training on pedagogy, student psychology and teaching techniques in Crefoc Monastir, Tunisia (funded by the Ministry of Education)

§  Continuous training in Education in Crefoc Gafsa, Tunisia


§  Copywriting for E-focus (web content creation and editing for marketing, information or review purposes)

§  Translation and/or transcription (Open Link, Ullysson, Ministry of Health, etc)

§  Summer 2007: Project assistant and coordinator in Yatinoo Tunisie (an international company for Internet services)

                       Description of duties:

§  Coordinate plans for the group

§  Websites translation

§  Follow-up of project implementation and the team work Website content creation and translation

§  Competitive evaluations and evaluations update

§  Marketing assistance

§  Administrative tasks (if need be)

*       Period: April 2005 è September 2005

*       Employer: World Health Organisation / Tunisia

*       Position: Program Assistant

*       Description of duties:

§  Responsibility for follow up, tracking, initiating implementation tasks and reporting the NPO and the WR about the programs/activities assigned to me

§  Receive and draft responses to all communications relating to my assigned programs/activities

§  File and archive all communications records and documents relevant to my assigned programs/activities

§  Draft and type office communication messages and documents

§  Assist in receiving, registering and distributing incoming and outgoing mail, diplomatic pouches, tele-faxes, and obtain background information

§  Assist in maintaining the office library and distribution of WHO publications and information

§  Translate communications and text in between French, English, and Arabic language.


§  May,17 –  May 24, 2005: Training on Results Based Management in Rabat, Morocco

§  August – September 2005: ICT (Information Communication Technology) workshop in Cairo, Egypt


§  Translation of all types of documents.

*       Period: March 2004 è March 2005

*       Employer: Huawei Technologies (a Chinese international company for telecom/network solutions)

*       Position: Translator/interpreter and Administrative Assistant (from March to September) for Marketing Department then joined the Technical Support Department as Logistics Manager (from September to March)

*       Description of duties:

§  Simultaneous Translation during Meetings

§  Translation, Registering and Distributing of Incoming and Outgoing Mails and Tele-faxes

§  Translation of tender books

§  Exchange mails with partners/customers

§  Payment and Follow up of bills

§  Preparing quotations and invoices

§  Assisting in public relations

§  Answer telephone calls/enquiries when required

§  Making hotel reservations and flight bookings

§  Follow-up trainings in Huawei training center in El Ghazala

§  Assist in logistics in the frame of Project 99 of Tunisie Telecom


§ Substitute Teacher of English in Khaznadar Secondary School (public school)

*       Period: August 2002 è March 2004

*       Employer: SR TELEPERFORMANCE (a French international company)

*       Position: Technical Counsellor (customer service) in Internet/Network matters

*       Description of duties:

§  Distance troubleshooting (of connections: rtc, digital, and then specialized in ADSL on Win 9x, Win ME, Win Xp and Macintosh) on behalf of the French ISP Wanadoo

§  Supervision of new staff within the company

§  Handling of customer mails

§  Commercial assistance


Continuous trainings on a variety of high-tech relevant issues and updates such as: Network Systems, Operating Systems (9x, 2000, Xp, Macintosh 9 to Jaguar) along with troubleshooting network connections (rtc, rnis, ADSL, bluetooth/wireless connections)


*       Period: June 1999 è August 1999

*       Employer: ESSAKR (advertisement and marketing company)

*       Position: Administrative Clerk

*       Description of duties:

§  Help in administrative tasks

§  Assist in production and translation of a book on ISO standards


*       Period: Summer (1997 and  1998)

*       Employer: The National Institute of Statistics

*       Position: Interviewer 

*       Description of duties:

§  Conduct interviews with companies and individuals and fill in related administrative forms.



Audit classes in Advertising, German, American Literature Survey, Spanish, American Folklore in the University of Georgia/USA



 Succeeded in CAPES 2005 (Certificat d'Aptitude au Professorat de l'Enseignement Secondaire), in both written and oral competitive examination


Bachelor’s degree in English (speciality: Linguistic Sciences) from the University of Social & Human Sciences in Tunis, Tunisia



-      Certification in office automation at the C.E.R.E.F.I

-      Degree in Spanish from the University of Social & Human Sciences in Tunis, Tunisia



 Baccalaureate in ARTS  from Khaznadar secondary school in Tunis, Tunisia

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