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Nickname : ole2
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 16/03/2017
Dernière fois en ligne : 20/03/2017
Classement : classé 21 920ème sur 90 539 prestataires classés

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Langages: C/C++, ARM/Philips/TI DSP Assemblies, gas, csh, ksh, zsh, tcl/tk, python, Perl, XML, JSON, MongoDB, UML, SysML, MISRA, REXX, Forth.

Tools: OpenOCD, Xilinx ISE/Vivado, iMpact, xc3sprog, XCode, avrdude, Eclipse, GIT, GDB, STL, Trace32, Philips NMDK, RealView, TI Code Composer, Rational Rose, ClearCase, Qt/Qtopia, EMP SDK, LWIP, CURL, Zlib, Cygwin, Gerrit, CHIRP, bitbake, repo.

OS: Ubuntu/Fedora, TrustZone XilKernel, MacOSX, homebrew, Parallels, Android, Symbian S60(3rd/2nd ed)/UIQ, Embedded Linux, V4L2, Nucleus, VxWorks, Obigo Framework, EMP, Palm OS, Win Mobile, OpenWRT, Yocto.

HW: Xilinx Zynq/Artix/Kintex/Spartan/Virtex/CPLD, STMicro Nomadik 88xx, Silabs SC47xx/SC49xx, Philips Nexperia (Swift), Adelante, TI OMAP, Intel PXA25x-26x, Samsung SGH, Arduino, Raspberry PI, BeagleBone Black, Parallella, Enclustra, XDS510PP plus, Lauterbach LA-7705 JTAGs, logical analyzers, simulators, USB, UART, Bluetooth, accelerometer, gyroscope, thermometer, Hayes, spi, 1 wire, i2s, i2c, SDIO, GPIO, PWM, RTC, DSI, CSI, LVDS, SATA, SCSI, 1394/FireWire, PCMCIA, ExpressCard, USB, JTAG, CAN, AUTOSAR, ECU.

Expérience professionnelle

"Oleg is a higth efficient integration person on Low level and drivers software parts on embedded devices and he has a lot of experience on it. He had goods ideas on the project to help Silicons Labs to integrate multimedia drivers ( like camera , audio codecs...)"

— Alexandre Cerqueira, enginier, actsoft, managed Oleg at Silicon Laboratories

"Oleg is a diligent and talented engineer. His ability to manage complex projects within international teams is excellent. His real strengths lie in his ability to execute on target and yet remain flexible when requirements shift. When it comes to problem solving, Oleg proved a great source of functional and innovative solutions. I can thoroughly recommend him."

— Edmund Read, Global Operations Director, Popular Telephony (Ex-CrossOptix), worked with Oleg at

"Oleg is a very talented SW Engineer who is also passionate about HW. He was an amicable and helpful colleague: highly recommended !"

— Elsa Said-Armanet, Solution Delivery Architect, Texas Instruments, worked with Oleg at Texas Instruments

"Oleg was a responsive, technically adept and very customer-aware member of our development team. He was always very quick to rerspond to customer needs and provided solutions and workarounds to our urgent and more medium term problems. I enjoyed my time working with Oleg and hope we can collaborate in the future."

— Graham Ward, Program Manager, Texas Instruments, managed Oleg indirectly at Texas Instruments

"I certify that the job description above Oleg Kokorin claimed to have his job function while his working for SamSung during the term described is exactly what I know and so that I can gurantee that he performed the work."

— Chang Jeon, Owner, nexAutoTech, worked with Oleg at Samsung Electronics

"Oleg is a forward-looking, conscious and purposeful person. His overwhelming ability to manage himself and people around recommends him as a good team leader and manager. Beyond this, his technical knowledge of IT systems, technologies, networking, practical programming, as well as theory of designing and managing complex systems is enormous. I will highly recommend Oleg as a reliable and profitable partner in all aspects."

— Vasiliy Karpov, Assisting System Administrator, Institute for International Relations, worked directly with Oleg at Institure of International Relations, Kiev, UA


1998 BAC+5 Informatique

Université Nationale d’Ukraine Shevchenko, Kiev, Ukraine

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