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Nickname : cgiacomi
Date inscription : 05/09/2008
Dernière fois en ligne : 09/11/2010
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Domaines de compétence
C/C++ Python, Java, Sh, UNIX/Linux, Corba Snmp, DBMs, OMT/UML, CVS
Expérience professionnelle


Freelance Software Developer - Experian Scorex Monaco - Working at the Global Technical Constancy Department.
Technologies : Windows/AIX Oracle/MSSQL, C++, XML, XSLT, .NET 2003
Developing multiplatform (AIX/Solaris/.Windows) build system using GNUmake.
Developing DLLs for Transact decision system.
Implementing XSLT transformation scripts for displaying XML financial reports.


Freelance Software Developer - Infoterra France
Technologies : Linux FC6, GCC 4.1.1, XML, PHP, Eclipse
Migration of geo-information product to GCC 4.1.1 on RedHat FC6
Writing tests tools and performing non regression test.

Orange/Sopra Group - Working in R&D department as Software Engineer.
Technologies: Linux, MPI-2(MPICH2), C/C++/JAVA, UML, Nutch, PVFS2, MapReduce (Google)
Study and prototyping of a new architecture for data consolidation software component of the Orange search engine.
Design and implementation of a new service of orange search engine to improve pertinence of responses.

Amadeus/Sopra Group - Working at the CBR department as Software Engineer
Technologies: HPUX, MVS, Solaris, C++, Python, sh, Oracle, Db2, CVS, UML
Migrating Counting and Billing software developed using C++ from MVS(USS) to IBM AIX Unix. All software design modification need to be documented using UML.
Developing tests suites harness for not regression tests using python scripting language.

Trema Laboratories - Working at the R&D department as Software Engineer
Technologies: HPUX, C++, Python, sh CORBA(OmniOrb), CVS, Sybase, Oracle, MSQL
Company finance software product maintenance.
Integrating CORBA (OmniORB) build system into Solaris/HP-UX company build environments.
Configuration Management: CVS Administration and integration with local bug reporting system

Build Management: Administration and developing the company build environments on different Unix and Windows platforms.

Release Management: Assure day-to-day and official releases deliveries.
Developing and maintaining nightly data migration system between Sybase, Oracle and Microsoft SQL databases.

Developing CGI Python scripts and DHTML web pages to show the results of all the activities mentioned above.

RealScale Technologies - Sophia Antipolis (France) - Working at the R&D department as Software Engineer
Technologies : Linux , C++, SNMPv2(AGENT++), SYBASE
Design and writing SNMPv2 compliant MIB for RealScale Linux Cluster architecture.
UML design and implementation of SNMP agent for the RealScale Linux Cluster architecture using AGENT++ software development kit.
Design and writing of proprietary administration and management software for the Cluster architecture.
The entire project has been written using C++ on a Linux RedHat6.2 platform and then, part of it, ported on Windows NT.

Sema Group Telecom, Sophia Antipolis (France) - Working at the R&D department as Software Engineer.
Maintenance of software to collect event and call data information from network switches for mobile intelligent network. This software was written in C under HP UNIX.
Improvement of Cell Broadcast software for company mobile network software product under FORTE.
Design and development of components for mobile phones network provisioning system using FORTE(Tool) Language.
Design of Service Provisioning Administration GUI using Forte.

Sodalia S.p.A, Trento (Italy) – Working at the Network Application Management Department as network Software Engineer.
Developing SNMP agents for Network Management Company products.
Developing Agent Development Toolkit (ADK) C++ classes, which help writing new SNMP agents.
Developing Graphical User Interfaces using OSF Motif for Company products.
Writing system and component designs for several Company products using OMT.
All development has been done on HP UNIX platform

Ing. C. Olivetti & C. S.p.A., Ivrea (Italy) - Working at the R&D Department as network Software Engineer.
In-depth knowledge of SNMP and SMUX protocols.
Writing a SNMP subagent in C language to export proprietary MIB, training and supporting Olivetti personnel in the use of SNMP and SMUX protocols.
Installation and administration of a web server.
All development has been done on UNIX SVR4 platform.

Ing. C. Olivetti & C. S.p.A, Ivrea (Italy) - Working at the R&D Department
Responsible for Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) Quality Assurance.
Preparing test plans and check lists, reviewing product documentation, performing product installation and testing, writing new test tools in C language, performing coverage analysis using Generic Coverage Tool from GNU.
I was involved in porting a DCE demo program on Olivetti DCE in order to attend INTEROP 93 in Paris; my tasks included also the preparation of the required hardware and software environments for Olivetti.
Significant experience in DCE RPC and DCE Security programming, installation and administration of a DCE Cell.
All development has been done on UNIX SVR4 platform

Siemens-Nixdorf Information Systems, Inc., Cambridge (U.S.A). - Working at the R&D Department as consultant on behalf of Olivetti working on the Distributed Computing Environment project.
Improving the coverage of existing test programs and developing new tests for Global Directory Service and Cell Directory Service. All the new test suites were integrated under TET. Using Veritas Vista for a coverage analysis of old and new test suites.
From this experience in the States I gained a good knowledge of DCE programming for most DCE components and I remarkably improved my spoken English.

Ing. C. Olivetti & C. S.p.A., Ivrea (Italy) - Working at the R&D Department - Developing test programs, using C under UNIX SVR4 an all kind of IPC, for Olivetti Wide Area Network and Local Area Network products.

Ing. C. Olivetti & C. S.p.A., Ivrea (Italy) - Working at the Documentation Department as Technical Writer.

Technical Institute L. Cobianchi, Verbania (NO) Italy -
Diploma as Electronic Technician.
Formation C++/STL
Formation CORBA
Formation Oracle 9 DBA

Skills : C/C++ Python, Java, Sh, UNIX/Linux, Corba Snmp, DBMs, OMT/UML, CVS


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