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Nickname : aimaninfo
Date inscription : 12/09/2008
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Web solutions

We give great importance to the development of features included in the specifications. A primordial phase in any development of our website is its conception. All our developments are made after a rigorous analysis with UML thanks to the creation of its various models, such as the class diagram, the use case diagram, etc.

In a typical project, three important entities are developed:

  • The back office allowing the administrantion of your project without any technical knowledge.
  • The database.
  • The front office that will be the visible part of your website.


Before implementing a website, we design its graphical interface. After its validation by the Client, we move to its integration. Thus, it is time to develop the whole website.

Brain SOFT proposes web solutions, specifically adapted to the needs of its clients, such as:

  • Creating and hosting websites
  • Creating web applications
  • E-marketing and E-commerce
  • E-business
  • E-mailing shots
  • Publicity
Expérience professionnelle
Brain SOFT is a company of services, consulting and information technologies. It implements methodologies and well-tested expertise in project management resulting from good practices and best standards in the field of information technology.
Brain SOFT is set for rapid expansion in the future. It is committed to a long-term partnership with our clients, based on a collaborative and constructive approach. Our expertise on the areas of consulting, conception, creation, development, design, referencing e-business and e-marketing strategy enables us to bring all our skills for the performance of your web project.
Our company hold many developers with high quality skills in the development of our offered solutions,

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