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Nickname : maherkhenissi
Type de structure : travailleur occasionnel
Date inscription : 11/04/2009
Dernière fois en ligne : 21/11/2010
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Domaines de compétence
• C/C++
• Java /J2EE (used in variuos projects including a Web-based activity tracking
system using web services)
• .Net C# (used in variuos projects including a network monitoring solution
using WMI and .Net Remoting)
• Cryptography (in particular wifi security protocols)
• MySQL and Oracle development.
• Arabic, French and English: written and spoken fluently
Expérience professionnelle

SAGEM Communications: Embedded Linux developer

May 2009 - Present
• Projects
◦ Mediaserv 3504 triple play residential gateways
◦ Portugal Telecom 3102 double play residential gateways
◦ Bouygues Telecom 3504 triple play residential gateways
◦ Generic 3102 double play residential gateways
◦ Numericable 3504 triple play residential gateways
◦ Generic 3504 triple play residential gateways
◦ SIP based VOIP
◦ TR69 family protocols.
• Various development tasks in all areas of the product, including:
◦ Integration Work:
▪ integration of twonky media server
▪ integration of wifi atheros driver (Makefiles, openrg, fixing some bugs, testing), bug correction.
▪ integration TR111
▪ integration ssh server (dropbear)
◦ New development and Bug fixes
▪ SIP, RTP and Voice drivers.
▪ OpenRG framework general issues.
▪ TR69, TR98 (Interop with ACS Mootive, Gigaset, fixing some Openrg-related bugs and implementing new data model parmeters) .
▪ Atheros wifi driver (buffer overflows, open sockets, WPS, WEP/WPA, adding 802.1x wifi security code.).
▪ twonky UPnP stack (Makefiles fixes, UPnP XML code fixes, using of the Linux Inotify mechanism and fixing configuration, CPU load and usb disks media file browsing)
▪ IGMP proxy and snooping (fixing bugs submitted by Portugal telecom, analysis of existing IGMP snooping code and implementing a new RFC-conformant code).
▪ OpenRG DHCP client misbehaving (bugs submitted by GVT).
▪ NTP and Linux/OpenRG time functions.

▪ FTTH and ADSL general issues.
▪ The gateway GUI using C.
• Acquired skills
◦ Embedded Linux (gcc, Makefile, Autotools, cross-compilation, kernel configuration, Flash filesystems, NFS, etc.);
◦ Linux kernel driver development
◦ Linux/OpenRG Application development
◦ C/C++
◦ UPnP, media server
◦ Wifi driver development.
◦ IGMP, Video over IP, multicast
◦ Qos, Firewalls, bridging, Vlans, fastpath
◦ Static Analysis (Klocwork), Bugzilla, CVS, Sharepoint

---------------------------------------- ------------------------

ACTIA Corp R&D: Automotive embedded software developper Aug. 2008 - May 2009
• Projects
◦ Manitou tracks
• Various development tasks in all areas of the product, including:
◦ Design of a layered applicative modules on top of the BSP (the client required a generic application).
◦ Implementation of the Manitou hydraulic modules
◦ Implementation of the Manitou Security modules
◦ Implementing Diag on CAN module (diagnostic)
◦ Implementing IHM modules
◦ Design nd implementation of timing functions.
◦ Implementation of an RTC driver.
◦ Writing unit test cases.
◦ Debugging modules.
• Acquired skills
◦ Embedded development.
◦ BSP development (scheduler, drivers, management and Protocol stack)
◦ C/C++
◦ Controller Area Network (CAN)
◦ distributed development (proprietary synchronisation and communication protocol called ZED)
◦ ARM development
◦ IAR workbench and debugger (using JTAG).
◦ Static Analysis (LDRA), Bug Tracking System, CVS.

---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------

B ritish Gas Tunisia: Training

Febr. 2008 - June 2008
• Projects
◦ Studying 802.11 security protocols family and implementing and easy-touse security and moniroting solution
• Achieved work:
◦ Study of WEP, WPA, WPA2 and WPA/EAP (802.1X)
◦ Study of wifi hacking techniques and intrusion detection systems.
◦ Study of the OpenWRT-based Linksys AP.
◦ Study of SNMP, Windwos Management Instrumentation (WMI), Active Directory
◦ Deployment of 802.1X
◦ Implementing a monitoring solution based on OpenWRT using kismet, Snort and ACID.
• Acquired skills
◦ 802.11 family protocols
◦ SSL cryptography
◦ OpenWRT
◦ script shell
◦ Kismet, Snort, ACID
◦ FreeRadius.


Ecole Nationale des Sciences de l'informatique (ENSI) 2002 - 2008
Master's degree in Computer Sciences Engineering (System & Networking engineer)

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