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Nickname : itcluj
Date inscription : 29/07/2005
Dernière fois en ligne : 05/10/2005
Classement : classé 61 346ème sur 95 261 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

Operating systems knowledge:

MS-Windows (9x, 2000,NT, XP), Linux

RDBMS knowledge:

SQL Server 2000, Oracle 8i, Microsoft Access 97/2000, MySQL

Technologies knowledge

COM+, ADO, JavaBeans, web three-tier, Java Applet, JSP, JDBC, J2Me

Software Tools/Packages used:              

Seagate Crystal Reports 8.0, Microsoft Visio 2000, Visual Source Safe 6.0, EditPlus 2.10a, Macromedia Dreamweaver UltraDev 4, Platinum Erwin 3.5.2, PL/SQL Developer 3.0.5, Sun Microsystems JDK 1.2&1.3, Macromedia Flash 5, Rational Robot, Rational TestManager

Programming/Scripting languages:

Java, C, C++, SQL, PHP, HTML, JavaScript, Pascal, Basic.

Integrated development environments

JBuilder 4, C++ Builder 4, Microsoft FoxPro 2.6, Delphi 5.0, Symantec Visual Café 2.5, Visual Basic 6, Visual Studio .NET, Eclipse

Expérience professionnelle
Dialog21 A Facility Management Portal for Infas Enermetric AG ( is a three-tier portal that deals with Facility Management issues. The front-end tier is the internet browser which displays a GUI using dynamic HTML code obtained from the execution of PHP4 scripts; the middle tier is the Apache web server and the PHP4 engine which executes the PHP4 scripts; the back-end tier is the Oracle 8.1.6.i RDBMS. I was involved in developing and testing the administration tools for this portal. the website for Ambo Consulting is a company presentation site that includes a content management system, employee profile tool, project management tool, tracking tool. The front-end tier is the internet browser which displays a GUI using dynamic HTML code obtained from the execution of JSP pages; the middle tier are the Apache web server and the Tomcat engine which executes the JSP pages using JavaBeans implemented by us; the back-end tier is the Oracle 8.1.6.i RDBMS. I was involved in developing the jsp pages, Java Beans, administration tools, writing the user manual.

P2P-Tools, an Internet distributed solution is developed under JAVA language and uses the JXTA technology. The project consists in defining, specifying, designing and implementing of a peer-to-peer framework software system based on the JXTA Open Source Project. This framework will support collaboration tools among different members of virtual communities in the P2P-Tools peers network. I was involved in analysis and design of the eClass peer and database, implementing the GUI and functionality of the peer, testing and writing the documentation.

Tradera a n-tier application was developed in Visual Basic 6.0, SQL Server 2000, Visual Source Safe 6.0, Microsoft Visio 2000, Seagate Crystal Reports 8.0, Rational Robot, Rational TestManager.
The project is used for selling car parts products from the companies' post of sales and also for inventory transfer between different point of sales; the accounting is done by a 3rd party application.
The GUI is represented by the forms, each form has a class associated with it; the middle tier consists in 6 types of COM† components divided in 3 layers: command dispatch, business logic, sql server; the system is scalable, each layer can be installed on different machine; the access to the SQL Server database is done only by using stored procedures.
I was involved in developing new functionalities using the design; making changes to the existing functionalities; creating/updating stored procedures and other database related activities; creating/updating reports using Crystal Reports; bug fixing; manual and automatic QA using Rational scripts.


2001 - 2002 "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
                Faculty of Economics,
                Information Systems for Economy and Business Department

1996 - 2001 "Babes-Bolyai" University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania
                Faculty of Economics,
                Economics Computer Science Department

1992 - 1996 Theoretical High School Zalau, Romania
                Computer Science Section

I have brainbench certification in HTML 3.2, Java 1 and JavaScript.

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