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Nickname : yorksoft
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 28/11/2010
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Domaines de compétence

Special Skills:


Ø  Automate & PLC:

DCS ABB « AC800F, Plant guard, Triplex, Tenore, Digivis, Process control portail », Siemens S7, Allen Bradley« RS logix5000 », DCS Moore, Triconex.


    -  SCADA, VOIP, communication, supervision and implementation.

    -  Configuration of ABB FOX 515 and ABB RTU 560 equipments

    -  Test of Optical fibber with OTDR and Power meter.


Ø  Exploitation systems:

    -  MS-DOS, Windows 9x, 200X, 200X server, XP, VISTA. Seven, Linux

Ø  Office:

Ms Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook), Ms Project.

Ø  Image & Animation Treatments:

PhotoShop, illustrator, photo express, Microsoft Picture It, AutoCAD.

Ø  Programmation Languages:

Pascal, Delphi, Java, C, C++ builder. 

Ø  Script Languages :

PHP, Java Script, Servlet, Applet.

Ø  Web:

Html, Xaraweb, Dream weaver, Flash Macromedia.

Expérience professionnelle

Company                     Invensys System Algeria.

From                            Sep  2011

To                                           To date

Position                              Services Engineer.


September 2011 until now: services engineer


Automation Services Engineer (ESD/DCS/SCADA Engineer): developpement of Invensys systems (Foxboro I/A series, Triconex, Infusion, Wonderware Intouch).

Ø  Total Project “OSBL SUD RN 2012”:

§  Programming & test Boiler Management System logics.


Company                     ABB SARPI.

From                            Jun   2006

To                                           August 2011

Position                              Automation Engineer.


June 2011 – August 2011:  I & C supervisor


SHONATRACH CPF Block 405B Project MLE Project

Ø  Supervise instrumentation on construction phase:

§  Pulling more than 900 kilometers of wire, and calibration of instruments.

§  Connection more than 600 junctions’ boxes and DCS panels.

§  Installation of instruments on site.

§  Installation of photovoltaic panel on oil wells.


March 2008 – June 2011: Leader DCS & SCADA Engineer

Pumping Station Project NK1, Project: Pipeline 30’’ – NK1 LOT 3-PHASE 1. BISKRA 

Ø  Automation Engineer (Telecoms/SCADA Engineer) and Supervisor of the installation, Configuration, commissioning of equipments, wiring (electrical, instrumental and fibber optic) and systems for Telecoms/SCADA/WAN systems and networks through the line NK1:


§  Commissioning and monitoring of SCADA system using PCP40.

§  Tests of fibber optics using OTDR and Power meter.

§  Installation, configuration and commissioning of the system RTU560, FOX515.

§  Shelters power on.

§  Installation of photovoltaic Sanyo panel and Steca Power Tarom charge regulator on sit and doing commissioning and test tasks.

§  Pre-commissioning of PS/PC instrumentation (Mokveld and BIFFI line break, BIFFI gas operating valves, Motorized Rotorik valves and Rosemount pressure and temperature instruments).

§  Pre-commissioning of all equipments and instruments in Shelters type USH 9500, produced by Omni shelter S.r.l in 36 section posts.

§  Pre-commissioning of all equipments and instruments in Shelters type SH 6000 and PSH 7800 SM, produced by Omni shelter S.r.l in PC2, 4 and PC-GAS.

§  Tests and starting of the telecoms and telemetry equipments.

§  Transmission and SCADA systems starting up.                           


Ø  DCS Engineer:

§  Configuration and commissioning of system DCS, ESD using ABB AC 800F controllers and monitoring system PCP40.

§  Work as a shift engineer: start-up SOLAR Turbines and manage different activities in the field.

§  Commissioning and pre-commissioning of 2 SOLAR Turbo-generators CENTAUR 40 and 3 SOLAR Turbo-Pumps TORUS 60.

§  Commissioning of pumping station “Loop Check and set configuration of different site instruments (Motorized BIFFI valves, Control FISHER valves, ABB 2600T pressure and flow transmitter, ABB TS 332 temperature transmitter) using ABB HART 691HT and FLUK 744 process calibrator.


Ø  Engineer I & C:

§  Preparation of procedure for commissioning of pumpung station sp3.


December 2006 to March 2008:

Compressor Station TFT and extension plant of CS GR1 and GR2. ROUD NOUSS compression Station; ZINA compression Station; IN AMINAS Project:  

Ø  Trainer of DCS & Control Room Operators:

§  Course for new operators engaged in a compressor station's gas.


Ø  DCS Engineer:

§  Configuration, programming and commissioning of DCS ABB AC 800F.

§  Configuration, programming and commissioning of ESD PLANTGUARD.

§  Commissioning of the gas compression station loop check, instrumentation.

§  Start-up and commissioning of GE PGT25 Gas Turbines on MARK 6 with PCL 802 compressor type.

§  Work on MOOR DCS (APACS). Check and calibrate of package turbine instruments and process instruments.

§  Operator control room and Process Engineer: Daily control and monitoring of plant operations.

§  Troubleshooting of GE PGT25 Gas Turbines and MOOR APACS+ DCS system.

§  DCS engineer: Commissioning and Troubleshooting, DCS logic sequences and graphic pages, Gas Turbines GE PGT25 on MARK 6 and SOLAR Turbo-generators, ESD/PSD (Plant guard), F&G (Silvani). Programming SCADA logic and assured Tests with RTU Siemens.


HBNS project BBK / BBKN oil treatment Project:

June 2006-November 2006:

Ø  DCS engineer:

  • Preparation of as-built plans and isometrics of the project.
  • Commissioning of the mill oil BKK / BBKN loop check, instrumentation ".
  • Configuration, programming and commissioning of DCS ABB AC 800F.
  • Instrument engineer: calibration of various field instruments (Abb, Foxboro, Rosemount) and the commissioning of logic control. Loop checking and Handover packages.
  • Company         Timgad Informatique.
  • From                December   2002
  • To                           October 2005
  • Position              Automation Engineer.

Ø  System Engineer:

§  Installation and Maintenance Computer (soft / hard).

§  LAN/WAN protocols and gateways. Networks Architecture.

§  Operating systems Installation and maintenance.

§  Creation and hosting of websites.

§  Installing and configuring LANs “Soft / Hard”.


Professional Qualification

Ø Bac+ 5, Cycle Engineer in Industrial Computing, Option: System real-time and industrial network.

University: University HADJ LAKHDAR computer science institute of BATNA.


Ø Level 03 in English « New interchange Cambridge Program University ».


Ø Certification on the configuration and maintenance of the system Freelance AC 800F, Tenore, plantguard « ESD & DCS programming »

Emplacement: ABB MILAN, ITALY.

Ø Certificate on the configuration, supervision and Commissioning of the SCADA system ABB RTU 560 and communication system FOX 515.

Emplacement: SP3 BISKRA, ALGERIA.

Ø Workshop about SCADA and ABB SCADAVANTAGE product.

Emplacement: ABB MILAN ITALY.

Ø Certificate on the configuration, supervision, Commissioning and servicing of the OTN X3M Systems.

Emplacement: OTN Systems ANTWERPEN, BELGIUM.

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