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Nickname : bogho
Date inscription : 21/10/2005
Dernière fois en ligne : 13/09/2011
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Domaines de compétence
Programming Languages: JAVA,VC++, DELPHI, C/C++.
Web Programming/Design: HTML, JSP, PHP,JAVASCRIPT, Macromedia Flash.
DataBases: MySql, Access, Oracle, Fox Pro for Dos, SQL.
Graphics edit: Photoshop, Macromedia Flash.
Office edit: si Microsoft Office.
Platforms: Windows (98, Me, 2000, NT, Xp)

Expérience professionnelle
Activity domain: Software/Technologies.
Relevant experience in domain: 4-5 years.


Java - VC++ Programmer
Company, location: Inthelrom Technology (No. employees: > 100)
Domain of activity: Software/Technologies
Company description: In
Period: 2004-03 -- present
Some of the applications accomplish on Inthelrom are PsiTrade site applications (,,,, PsiTrade MyComposer, Fincolor Italia Easy Print Photoshop Plugin, ModelsIndustry Composer.

Java - VC++ Programmer
Company, location: Intelidei Romania (No. employees: 10)
Domain of activity: Software/Technologies
Company description: InteliDEI is a Romanian-based IT services and conculting company. Keys areas of expertise: Remote project development and managemente.
Period: 2003-10 --2004-03
As the only JAVA Programmer I had to manage all the applications that requires Java as a platform as: The java application and VC++ sound package for the video-conference system from The java communication system for and
References, Other observations: Mihai Ichim - president at InteliDEI Romania.

Java - VC++ Programmer- Web Designer
Company, location: Personal Projects (No. employees: less than 10)
Domain of activity: Software/Technologies
Period: 2003-01 --2003-10
Since January, I worked as an PFI. Some of the projects, I created, are:
1. - the internet web page for the Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Association Romania.
2.An Windows Application for stock's control and management, created for Emilio's restaurants, Craiova, Romania.
2. The financial application for S.C MOARA STANCA company.
3. Different applications created for students of University of Craiova and University of Bucharest, Romania
4. internet web page for Oltenia Market Research and Advertising company.
5 Video spots created for the international transport company "Helin's" Romania
6. Radio spots for an local company that sells water devices
7. internet web page for Pluricom Craiova, company with the main activity cration and selling objects made form wood, stone and iron.
References, Other observations:
Emil Ciulean- - Director at Emilio Restaurants - Tel. +40722593047
Carlea Adrian - President of Jodo Shinshu Buddhist Association Romania.Tel. +40742580615
Magda Stroe Director at Oltenia Market Research and Advertising Craiova, Romania .Tel. +50724581148

Company, location: FridoStar-Palatul Copiilor Craiova (No. employees: 50-75)
Domain of activity: Software/Technologies
Period:2000-03 <> 2003-03
From march 2000 since july 200 I was a teacher at School of Studina, Olt, where I teach to 60 students and a class created by the administrative department of Studina. From september 2000 until july 2001 , I teach at School of Vartop, Dolj, to 80 students. During september 2001- july 2002 I was a teacher at "Gheorghe Chitu" High School, Craiova, Dolj. I had two senior classes with 25 students each class.

Pedagogy Department (1998-2002) (Graduation date: 2002)
I graduated the course of school pedagogy, period 1998-2002 and I obtained an average 7.25 and also a certificate which gives me the possibility to teach.
University of Craiova, Computing and Mathematics Faculty, Computing Department (1998-2002) (Graduation date: 2002)
The graduation average is 9.14 and the average of the four faculty years is 7.46.The graduation paper was called "Processing comun and distributed knowledge. Kripke and Aumann structures".The teacher coordinator was Professor Tandareanu.The specialisation obtained after 4 years of study is "software engineer".
"Stefan Odobleja" Computing High School, Craiova (1994-1998) (Graduation date: 1998)
The graduation average of the highschool was 7.91, and the average for the 4 years of study was 8.17.The specialisation after this exam was "analyst programmer"

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