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Nickname : t-corporat
Type de structure : SSII [?] Société de Services et d'Ingénierie Informatique
Date inscription : 15/07/2016
Dernière fois en ligne : 22/12/2016
Classement : classé 41 143ème sur 95 261 prestataires classés

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  we have 3+ years Experience of web site Development.    I'm an Expert inVolusion and Bigcommerce : HTML5, CSS3,Photoshop Web UI/UX Design, JQuery, Javascript : Senior Developer ,PHP5, Ecommerce, Software building, Data Entry work, Typing Work, make Presentations, CV , Web Technologies Front and & backend knowledge To Wordpress, Website Management, Android appication development IOS APP development

 also we have expertise in mechatronics engineering with 10 years of experience. we have expertise in PCB designing, embedded system, electromechanical systems and product development. wehave  experience working with several challenging projects and want to use that to help you achieve your goals.we have a electronic workbench set up including 3d printer and pcb milling machine. we also have a team of people dedicated to fabrication of prototypes to provide fast fabrication  of your ideas.  Available to start work anytime.

 we have expertise in Microcontroller Programming and development on AVR (ATmega and ATtiny), Arduino and ARM (Cortex M0 and Cortex M4) in C/C++/Assembly Language. 
Expérience professionnelle
 RSA & JLR in auto ,ST  in mechatronics ...........................................................................

enegineering ,management,Pilotage project ,R&D enegineering, Informatique Dev,web Dev,....

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