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Nickname : davask.42
Type de structure : freelance qualifié
Date inscription : 19/06/2015
Dernière fois en ligne : 24/10/2019
Classement : classé 15 139ème sur 94 403 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence
  • Symfony
  • Bootstrap
  • AngularJS
  • jQuery
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • User Experience
  • Photoshop
  • CSS3
  • Drupal
  • HTML5
  • Linux - Debian / Ubuntu
  • Github         
Expérience professionnelle
Davask Web Limited
08 / 2010 - Present
Full stack developer - Freelancer

WEB DEVELOPMENT SOLUTION Every day, entrepreneurs need skills to achieve their technical goals. davask web limited fulfill all your web needs! Some will focus on redesigning or optimizing a website, others will consider deploying their websites on their servers and others will have all of these needs simultaneously. From the idea of the project to the deployment and maintenance of it, we can provide you with a unique solution.

TAILORED WEB SOLUTION You are full of ideas and you need help to make sure everything is right. davask web limited tailor your web solution! Have a project or a new idea and you want it to evolve. We can help you analyze your project / idea and make the best of it to build the right solution to your vision.

FULLY MANAGED SOLUTION All your projects are in production but nobody take care of it on  a daily basis. davask web limited can fully manage your web projects for you! What happens if, for some reason, you need IT help? Who maintain your web projects? How long will flow between the discovery of a problem and the implementation of an adequate solution? We can implement all you needs to stay afloat on the web without any hassle.

Hextronik Limited
02 / 2014 - 11 / 2014
UX Project Manager

As UX Project Manager, I defined timeline from Mockups to delivery, developing different relationships with internal departments and third parties to pull the best of us and bring our passion to

Hextronik Limited
01 / 2013 - 11 / 2014
Frontend & Backend developer

I am responsible for compliance with web standards, the application of best practices and implementation of new features in order to optimize the user experience and increase traffic. front-end developer across Australia, Europe And Usa.

  • Wireframes best practices
  • HTML5 / CSS3 web application
  • Cross-browsing: IE7/8/9/10, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
  • Cross-platform: Desktop, Tablet (Android/iOs/Windows), Mobile (Android/iOs)
  • Seo friendly & Microformats
  • Google Analytics configuration analysis and A/B testing for user experience
Fond Light
12 / 2011 - 01 / 2013
Frontend & Backend developer

IT department creation. Situation analysis, needs definition,development of tools and processes to optimize internal workflow.

Web communication: - Internalization, centralization,administration of a DNS portfolio with ownership management and renewal. - Centralization and administration of email addresses. - Selection and administration of the Hosting solution. - Internalization, analysis and optimization of 4 websites (1 blog, 2 ecommerce, 1 corporate)

internal communication: - Installation and training to use a task management interface - Internalization, centralization,standardization and use of multiple customers databases to optimize Customer relationship.

05 / 2010 - 08 / 2011
Frontend & Backend developer

• IT Project Manager for • Cross-browsing compatibility (Firefox, Chrome, IE 6/7/8) & Cross-platform compatibility (computer, touch tablet, smartphone) • Implementation of new features to optimize the conversion rate (carousel, image gallery…) • Update Funnels (checkout…) • Internationalization of the website • Advanced Search & Free text search • A/B Testing via Google website optimiser • Installation of new tools to improve techincal teamwork : TortoiseSVN

05 / 2009 - 04 / 2010

• Updating site content for various clients of the agency (l’Oréal Paris, Kellogg's, Château de Versailles…) • Development and implementation of a tool for optimizing the processing time to make visual for L'Oréal Paris

Ministry of the Interior
06 / 2006 - 05 / 2009

• Photographer of the French Minister of Interior • Reporting on various events such as the "July 14" (Bastille day) • Report on the different aspects and occupations of the National Police • Architectural Photography - Post-processing photos • Updates to the Image Gallery

Institut BGS
2009 - 2010

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 Titre : AVYGEO
 Description : David a montré une grande capacité d'adaptation et rapide quand il a rejoint le projet (Symfony 2). Il a compris les besoins très rapidement et a apporté des solutions à valeur ajoutée pour améliorer le site N. HAOUILI - FONDATEUR DE AWILY COMMUNICATIONS - Partageons nos voyages. Client: Avygeo - France Date: Juin 2015 Service: Front-end & Back-end Development
 Type projet : site internet
 Thème projet : voyage
 Durée : quelques semaines
 Budget : 2 000 €
 Date : 19/09/2018

David a montré une grande capacité d\

 Description : David est une personne fiable qui est très bon dans son travail. C'est un plaisir de travailler avec lui. N'hésitez pas à faire appel à ses services. L. SALLÉ - DIRECTRICE EXÉCUTIF CHEZ OLONA-CONSEIL.COM - Agence de conseil en recrutement et relation humaine. Client: Olona conseil - France Date: Mars 2011 Service: Front end Development
 Type projet : site internet
 Thème projet : business
 Durée : quelques mois
 Budget : 3 500 €
 Date : 19/09/2018

David est une personne fiable qui est très bon dans son travail. C\

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