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Nickname : logicindustry
Type de structure : SSII [?] Société de Services et d'Ingénierie Informatique
Date inscription : 22/02/2006
Dernière fois en ligne : 24/09/2019
Classement : classé 9 360ème sur 90 029 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

- Php, MySql, HTML, CSS, Javascript, DHTML, RSS,  ActionScript

- Platforms: Linux (advanced server administration), Windows, Mac
- Languages: English (prefferable), French (medium)

Expérience professionnelle

Web Design for Business® (proffesional, organic SEO included)

Brand Zone (complete brand solutions)

CRM WDCM: CRM, BPMS, ERP (100% customized solutions on web platform)



Innovative solutions and international experience recommends us. Since 1999, companies from 12 countries, with annual turnover of more than 100 mil. euros/year, have chosen our Web Design for Business®, Brand Zone or CRM WDCM solutions. Logic Industry® is a registred trade mark in European Union.

Web Design for Business® solutions are built usualy in PHP/MySQL technology. We avoid to use free platforms and choose to work on our own platform to have the flexibility to build any function we want for our clients. The Web Design for Business® solutions are website with real results for our client. We do not only program the software but we buid a marketing solution based on a deep analisys of client's market and competitors, taking into account the future development and always try to be innovative on our client's market.
Brand Zone solutions are complete Brand solutions (logo, naming, visual identity, brand strategy, print, assistance for registering trade marks, etc). All works are 100% built to meet our client's needs, and are based on a depp analisysy of client's target and business plan. After the brand is launched we can assist you in brand management and development.

CRM WDCM - is a powerfull, easy to use CRM, scalable, to be used by companies from one to thousands of employees. it helps you to manage all your activities, documents, clients, supplyers, proceses (manufacturing, service, etc) and gives powerfull, customized reports in real time. It is based on a Web Platform and is available as a service (Cloud / Software as Service) or stand alone. It can be operated natively from any web device (Smartphones, computers, laptops, regular phones, tablets with any web-compatible operating system - Windows, Linux, Apple iOS, Android, etc.). Rapid learning curve, almost inexistent training, because the interface and logic of actions are custom built to follow the information/document flux in your organization. Before programming a CRM WDCM, we will conduct a proffesional analisys to understand your needs.

We work in a proffesional manner. We start giving you a solution only once we understand your needs. Once we will meet, we will give you a questionnaire to understend your needs. Using your answers we will conduct a research and we will use our expertise to create you (freely) a project that will define your needs, in our opinion. We will discuss the project and, if we agree the specs will go to implementation. We have a good understanding of marketing and branding, so your discussions with us will not be technical. We will try to understand what do you want in your own words.

Looking forward to meet you.

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