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Nickname : quentinlozach
Type de structure : auto-entrepreneur
Date inscription : 06/12/2016
Dernière fois en ligne : 14/05/2019
Classement : classé 11 933ème sur 90 482 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence
Web Programming

With my technical background oriented on Web solutions thanks to my internships and previous position, I'm able to guide you on technical solutions to help you build your Web solution : website, web tool, API ... I'm a full stack web developer so I can work on a whole project.

Mobile programming

You need a mobile application ? I can help building it with hybrid mobile applications : one application for all platforms. It will be exactly like a native app, but less cost and more efficient.

Functional aspect of a project

You need help to specify your needs into a technical solution ? I can help. I'm able to work from the pre-sale phase of a project to specifications to describe all your needs and how you can manage to implement them.

Project management

You are not sure about your deadline ? You want to know when you project will be done depending your resources ? I'm the one who can help you defining your goals.
Expérience professionnelle

- Bart Jacobz Jozier (Dwillo) - Startup : Netherlands

- Nicolas Deixonne (Meetoparty) - Startup : France 


Polytech Tours

Engineer's Degree, Computing Science, 5th Year

2012 – 2015

The computing speciality shapes during three years high-level engineers in computing, able to grasp new concepts, and to manage innovative tools, essential for high-tech sectors. Based on a solid general education in mathematics and computer science, the computer engineer is able to organize and implement projects that require different areas of business activity.

Université François Rabelais de Tours

DEUG - L2 Mathematics - Computing, Mathematics and Computer Science, DEUG 2

2010 – 2012

Two years of preparatory class at the University in Sciences.

The goal of this formation was to have scientific bases with Mathematics, Physics and Computing. 

Algebra, Analytics, Java, Mapple, English, Physic. 

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