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Nickname : fnkenda
Type de structure : freelance qualifié
Date inscription : 31/05/2010
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ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, SQL Serveur, Oracle

Windows 1.0/95/98/XP/7

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Professional Experience
09/04/2010 - 07/05/2010InHills Technology Solutions · Project : DB Synchronization· Fonction : Senior .NET Consultant· Role : o Programming and development of wcf Services for DataBase Synchronization.o Technical documentation.· Technologies : o Visual Studio 2008 (Framework.NET 3.5, C#.NET, WCF)o TFSo SQL Serveur 2005o UMLo Agile/Scrum o UnitTesto MSBuildo WCFo LinQ/Entity Framework 9/09/2009 - 29/03/2010Eurocontrol (CRCO Directorate / Business Process Engineering & ICT Operations Unit) · Project : EMMA (ETS Emission Trading Scheme)· Fonction : Analyst Programmer/Senior .NET Consultant· Role : o Programming and development of the solution modules from Functional specifications of a analyst.o Programming of Data layer and Business Layer.o Development of the web application.o Technical documentation.· Technologies : o Visual Studio 2005 (Framework.NET 3.5, ASP.NET with VB.NET)o Visual Source Safeo Oracleo UMLo RUP (Rational Unified Process) o NUnit for Unit Testo Itérations (User Interface, Model, Coupling, Finalization)o MSBuildo HTMLo JavaScripto Eclipse/TopCased Modeling (UML)o Telerik Ajax Rad Controls (ASP Controls and Reporting Controls)o Reports (PDF, XML and Excel)o Reporting serviceso ADO.NET 19/01/2009 – 17/07/2009 Odyssee Mobile Odyssee Mobile is a Software as a Service solution. This means that all Odyssee software is used via Internet. This approach slashes investment costs and cuts out complicated installation procedures. Starting up Odyssee Mobile is extremely simple and takes less than a week. · Project : Odyssee CRM, CMS (Content Manag. Syst.), eShop And Mobile solutions· Fonction : .Net Analyst/Developer · Role : o Customize the existing Odyssee Mobile Solution.o Implementation of new fucntionnalities.o Programming of Data layer and Business Layer.o Development of the web application.· Technologies : o Visual Studio 2005 (Framework.NET 3.5, ASP.NET with C#)o UMLo SQL Serveur 2005o Unit Testo HTMLo JavaScripto UIo TFS (Team Foundation Server)o Agile/SCRUM 22/09/2008 – 16/01/2009Kabs GmbH (Gebäudemanagement und Objektschutz) · Project : Infoman CMS (Content Manag. Syst.)· Fonction : .Net Consultant (Analyst/Programmer, Developer)· Role : o Business Analyse.o Data modeling.o Programming of Data layer and Business Layer.o Development of the web application.· Technologies : o Visual Studio (Framework.NET, ASP.NET with C#)o UMLo WinDesigno SQL Serveur o Unit Testo HTMLo JavaScripto UI 20/05/2007 – 17/09/2008 FRSGlobal (Global Financial Reporting & Analytics) Professional Services company whose domain expertise centred around regulatory reporting to a software company that delivers solutions in the regulatory space and where the key deliverable is a software product that is sold and supported on a subscription basis. · Project : FiRE · Fonction : .Net Application developer· Role : o Developing financial reporting applications around a standard engine within guidelines set in conjunction with the team manager.o Acting as a Product leader role for my implemented applications.o Coaching team members in Europe and in India (offshore development centre) who work on these applications..o Holding responsibility for design, programming, debugging, testing and modifications of the applications.o Holding responsibility for maintenance and quality assurance.o Participating actively in the team organization and contributes to improve its efficiency.· Technologies : o Visual Studio2005 (Framework.NET 2.0, WinForms and WebForms with C#)o UMLo Oracleo SQL Serveur o TFS (Team Foundation Server)o MSBuildo VSS (Visual Source Safe)o HTMLo JavaScripto UIo SOAPo OLAP 5/02/2007 – 11/04/2007 IBM Belgium for InBev Project CPWerx offers the most advanced technology for managing trade partnerships in the consumer products sector. The system automates the sales and marketing process, providing one integrated data model so that all relevant parties, both internal constituents and external business partners, can share information and work collaboratively.

· Project : CHITA· Fonction : Senior .Net Consultant· Role : o Adapt CPWerx to client requirements according to the new InBev WCCP (World Class Commercial Program) Norm.o Add new components.· Technologies : o Visual Studio (Framework.NET, ASP.NET(VB.NET))o Web serviceso UMLo SQL Serveur (Reporting and Analysis Services)o Rational Rose (RUP )o HTMLo XMLo JavaScripto UIo SOAPo OLAP (Online Analitical Processing)o PDA (Pocket PC)o Microsoft. NET Compact Frameworko Modelero VSSo BI (Business Intelligence)o Reports (PDF, XML and Excel) 10/2005 - 31/12/2005IBM/Deutsche Bank · Project : dbPortal· Fonction : Application developer· Role : o Creation and modification of Dynamic pages.o Add of new components.o QA (Quality Assurance).o Improvement of the existing Web application.· Technologies : o Visual Basico SQL Serveur o FSO Scriptso HTMLo VBScripto UIo VSSo UDLo COM/DCOM 01/09/ 200310/2007iDangie SPRL · Fonction : Analyst/Programmer Team Leader· Role : o Gather and analyse all projects requirements and wants.· Technologies : o Visual Studio (Framework.NET, ASP.NET)o SQL Serveur o HTMLo JavaScripto ADO.NETo UIo MSF (Microsoft Solution Framework) 01/06/2003 - 29/08/2003(----- STAGE -----)MOLOS sprl · Fonction : Web developer· Role : o Creation of customized modules.o Adaptation of Web applications.· Technologies : o Visual Basico VB.NETo ASPo ASP.NETo SQL Serveur o ADODBo ODBCo UIo UDLo COM/DCOM 17/02/2003 – 31/05/2003 Web Developmentr Training at IRISIB 01/08/2001 - 04/04/2002 European Commission Project : CETO· Fonction : QA Engineer· Role : o QA (Quality Assurance).· Technologies : o Rational Rose o Visual Basico ASPo SQL Serveur o HTMLo VBScripto UI 18/09/2000 – 30/06/2001AXA Royal Belge · Project : Transversal Project· Fonction : Analyst/programmer Consultant· Role : o Creation of customized modules on VB6.o Programming of DLLs using OOP approach.o QA (Quality Assurance).o Improvement of Eastman Workflow.· Technologies : o Visual Basico Oracle (Toad)o VSSo UDLo COM/DCOMo ODBC 08/01/1999 - 03/03/2000 IECC (Ingram micro European coordination Center) IT Department Ingram Micro Inc. is the world's largest global business-to-business wholesale provider of technology products and supply chain management services. Ingram Micro only sells to and through professional resellers. Ingram has a coordination center based in Vilvoorde. The center is connected with twelve European countries and this is where comes the big decisions on the movement of data and solutions to facilitate the work of departments that make up Ingram, so.

· Fonction : Analyst/programmer · Role : o Creation and modification of IECC Applications.· Technologies : o Visual Basic, Sql server, Access, VSS, UDL, ActiveX COM/DCOM, Visual Modeler, VBA 08/01/1998 - 31/12/1998 Credit Professionnal Bank · Project : Euro & Y2K· Fonction :Programmert· Role : o Creation of new functionalityo Modification of existing application.o Euro currency.o Y2K solutions.· Technologies : o COBOL, Bull Mainframe,GCOS 7, Unisys A



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