Initiateur du projet :
Prestataire sélectionné : dreamwork
Evaluation prestataire : (9.65/10)
Description projet :

This project will be based on an Open Source software such as osCommerce or ZenCart. We are currently looking for a PHP MySQL French or English speaking developper with which we can:

. test selected add ons

. get those addons personnalized

. integrate a Graphical interface from a Photoshop File

 . test every page all together.

The final customer will use an eCommerce enabled CMS to present its products. Each products have:

. short description

. long description

. one main image + some other images

. price option

. no transcation online, just a quote for a price.

 The project manager will choose Addons to integrate on the main core modules. Those Addons will be tested with 2 status: approved / disapporved. If disapproved, the Addon must be uninstalled and another one must be found.

One single langage. Project management and detailled description available. 

Nature du projet : Ce projet est un projet concret, et une réalisation certaine


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