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Nickname : r3gis
Date inscription : 05/09/2019
Dernière fois en ligne : 17/01/2020
Classement : classé 6 912ème sur 89 501 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence

Frontend :
 * CSS3
 * Javascript expert
 * HTML5
 * SVG
 * Canvas

Backend :
 * Python
 * Django
 * Php
 * Wordpress
 * Java
 * Postgresql
 * Mysql
 * RESTful WebServices
Mobile :
 * Java Android
 * Cordova / webmobile

Deployment/ cloud:
 * AWS
 * Azure
 * Other self hosted
 * Bash / shell

Tech :
 * High Availability
 * Jenkins - continuous integration / delivery
 * C, C++, STL
 * Video and audio codec and containers expert
 * Device Drivers
Expérience professionnelle
  • 2013 - 2019 : Lead developper and Software Architect à Wildmoka, j'ai fait partie de l'équipe qui a créé l'entreprise et j'ai très largement contribué à toute la partie technique et à l'innovation qui fait le coeur de l'entreprise.
  • * Involved in opensource projects : contributions to Blender source code, Android bug fix, and many other projects when find something not working on my opensource daily use platform (from webcam usb driver to css theme of gnome3).

    * Android expert and voip expertise acquired while developing one of the most used Android SIP application : CSipSimple.

    * Expertise in javascript/web development for destkop and mobile : optimization, web renderers deep behavior understood.

    * Fan of python/django that I use every time I can to provide/prototype webservices.

    * Info-graphic skills with blender 3d modelisation/animation and with inkscape for vectorial svg design.
  • 2012 - 2013 : Alcatel Lucent : Development / portage of WebRTC engine for android platform.
    Web-HTML5 SDK to ease usage of WebRTC librairies in combination with Alcatel-Lucent IMS solutions (voip, video, chat, contacts) for mobile (iOS/Android) and desktop platforms.
  • 2008 -2012 : Alcatel Lucent
    * Software architecture and development of rich web applications to manage communication features of enterprise PBX. End user web application optimized for desktop and mobile target with use of HTML5, CSS3 and supporting older browser back to IE7.

    * Expertize time provided to other teams : days of my job weeks allocated to provide expert help in javascript/html field for other products
  • 2006 - 2008 : La Centrale Dia Fleur

    * Creation from scratch of the entiere information system of a SMB specialized in flower wholesaler. Choose and billing of hardware servers, switches. Configuration, wiring of switches and servers.

    * Development of the back office software to manage stocks and to help commercials to buy and sell flowers. This development includes setup and administration of linux servers, apache proxy, sql databases, php/html frontend, high available and redondancy on all servers.

    * Logo rework with vectorial tools. And production of new banners and posters




  • 2005 - 2008 : Diplomé Centrale Marseille 2008. Spécialité système d'information et numérique.
  • Creation du Ginfo à Centrale Marseille et Secrétaire à la création : association étudiante en informatique 
  • Bac S mention TB

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