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Nickname : pooja_software_development
Date inscription : 13/01/2020
Dernière fois en ligne : 13/01/2020
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SAp, ABAP, HANA, Marketplace, Magento, Prestashop,Shopify, Ecommerce, Website Development, Wordpress, SaaS, Full Stack development, .NET, ASP.NET, Java, JavaScript, C#, Agile, Scrum/Agile, Angular, Android, iPhone APPlication development, NodeJS, React, Native, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, AWS, CRM, Migration, Salesforce
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Dynamisch is an information technology and services company focused on providing end-to-end outsourced product engineering services. Our areas of expertise include: software product development, mobile application development, software migration and reengineering, cloud activation and quality assurance and testing services.

Dynamisch offers outsourced product development services to small and medium-sized technology companies and startups in sectors such as business, cloud, web, social media, media and mobile applications. We combine our experience in the commercial field, our technological expertise, our knowledge of the latest industry trends and a quality-oriented delivery model to provide vertical cross customers. We are a well-endowed, professional and quality service provider, offering our technical expertise to enhance your internal technological capabilities.

Our dedicated and diligent team of consultants, developers, designers and statisticians does more than just use technology to create applications that we take the time to really understand our customers' business: its philosophy and goals, which allows us to understand the specific requirements and create solutions based on their vision.

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