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Nickname : ahassan
Date inscription : 15/07/2020
Derničre fois en ligne : 15/07/2020
Classement : classé 11 420čme sur 95 261 prestataires classés

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Domaines de compétence
Tools and technologies:
 Agile software development / Scrum
 Apache Spark
 Apache ignite
 Play framework 2.6
 Apache Air
 Kafka topics.
 DB SQL Server, PostgreSQL
 IntelliJ IDEA, Git
Expérience professionnelle
Data engineering task: mainly big data pipeline using scala, spark, apache
ow, kafka, big data repositories such as hive, big table, apache ignite, cas-
sandra, etc. The objective of this task is to create, maintain, improve big data
pipeline from input ( les and kafka topics) to nal destinations which is both:
data visualization and machine learning algorithms (data science). This include
architecture of data lake, and architecture of fast access analytics to large about
of data in milliseocnds response time.
Web service task: mainly micro-web service development using play frame-
work and scala. A web service ranges from simple requests such as returning
the version of the service, to complex algorithms that validates the input json
request, reads DB or elasticsearch repository, perform computations, update
DB/elasticsearch, and return results. Also, in this post, architecture choices
are well considered to respect micro-web services architecture guidelines.
 Ph.D. in Computer Science.
Telecom Bretagne- Universite de Rennes 1
October 2012. Tres Honorable.
 Master of Science in Computer Science
University of Central Oklahoma
With Honors 2002
 Bachelor in Electrical Engineering
Electron Department
Tishreen University, Syria - 1997

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