Initiateur du projet :
Description projet :

 looking for an in house e-mail marketing solution. In more detail the requirements are:

- An architecture based on Interspire and PowerMTA;

-  send up to 2 Millions email per day; the install the same on several sever to increase the daily volume

-  send emails to French, UK and German ISPs.



The target and mission is to set up and implementation of the e-mail marketing solution. Also, should facilitate, on the infrastructural/ technical part, an optimal e-mail delivery rate.



2 Solution and OS

The e-mail solution will be based on the PowerMTA/ Interspire combination and Postmastery will be responsible for software installation and configuration. The operating system and hardware setup is the responsibility or the hosting provider. The installion runs on OS Linux (CentOS or Ubuntu LTS).

The ingenior will handle during the excecution of the project additional details on hardware configuration.

3 E-mail Proces description

In this chapter we will descibe the foreseen set up of the e-mail process. When we start the project this overview will discribed in more detail.

3.1 List management

The set up of listmanagement is:

- Interspire will store the leading e-mail database;

- All e-mail permissions and e-mail behaverial related profile detail will be stored in this database;

- Via one or more (automated) scripts data queries from external partners will be exported to the Interspire platform;

- In these queries e-mail address will be the key value;

- On a daily bases all open, click and bounce data will be exported to an external datawarehouse.


The set up in Interspire is:

- The are one or more ‘contact lists’;

- All imports will be exported into these lists;

- Based on one or more profile fields segments in Interspire will be created.


3.2 Data exchange

The set up of the data exchange is:

- Exchange of the queries will be in CSV over SFTP

- you will set up a so called ‘hot folder’. The soft will look whether or not there are files avialable within the hotfolder. When there are files, these files will be imported into Interspire.

- After an import the script will supply an ‘import result e-mail’.

- the soft will provide on a daily bases the following files:

o Open stats

o Click stats

o Bounce stats

- These files will be placed in a ‘stats’ hotfolder in CSV


3.3 Mail speed and import speed and stability

Optionally, you will supply a fix for the delivery and import speed. The mail speed will vary between 100.000 en150.000 emails per hour depending on reputation.


Commentaire de l' administrateur :

  • Le client est: une société de petites annonces
  • Le client affirme souhaiter concrétiser son projet: au plus vite
  • Objectif du projet: Création d'une solution d'emailing
  • Details du projet: Le client souhaite mettre en place une solution d'emailing. Le client possède des serveurs dédiées sur lequels le prestataire devra mettre en place la solution architecture basé sur Interspire et PowerMTA. L'expérience du prestataire dans le milieu sera le facteur décisif lors du choix du prestataire.
    • Technologie utilisée ou conseillée:
    • Logiciel utilisé ou conseillé:
    • Estimation du budget par jour appliqué: 400 €
    • Type de mission: régie lyon
    • Estimation du délai de réalisation: 12 à 13 jours



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