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Prestataire sélectionné : dcrintea
Description projet :

This the first part of a 5 parts project, with numbers 42, 43, 44, 45, and 46.

Standalone file converters and generators in a .jar
 file, in the form of tools for Office files
 conversion & simple templating:

 - OpenOffice<->MS Office <-> PDF converters
 - writting/reading XLS/CSV files
 - automated generation of "template based"
 PPT/OpenOffice documents (priority on PPT)
 - mass email sending with attachments
 - automated flash file generation from patterns
 (with transparency features)
 - website screenshots from URLs

 A/ Features:
 a) file conversion:
 - load a file:$ Office;

 fileObject = new OfficeFile(stream)
 I have to be able to choose a java file object or an
 array of bytes.

 I don't want to check the file format by myself.
 -file type interrogation:
 string type = fileObject.getFileType()
 These file types are the supported file types for
 writing (instance methods). If possible please
 consider using MIME types.
 fileObject.write(stream, string type)
 and also
 byte[] dump = fileObject.write(string type)
 -default type conversion (used for sending email
 fileObject.convert(string type)
 Supported formats: MS PPT[priority],
 XSI, ODP, PDF[priority], MS DOC, XSW, ODT,
 PDF[priority], EXCEL, CSV[priority]
 (NB: non-sense conversions [ex: PPT <-> excel]
  are not required of course. PDF export is
  a must have)

 For XLS/CSV and other spreadsheet file formats
  I also want /simple/ r/w capabilities:
 - read VALUES (not formulas):
  string val = fileObject.getCell(x, y)
 - write VALUES (not formulas):
  fileObject.setCell(x,y, string val)

B/ Deliverables & coding style:

 - give the sources
 - apply coding conventions for J2SE
 - ALL the fields from javadoc have to be filled
 - when there is an error, send an exception
 - all exceptions have to be documented
 - all exceptions have a string field that explain in
 "understandable language" what's wrong
 - unit tests (junit, documented)
 - aspectj and/or java 5 OK
 - ant build.xml file (including ant task for
  build of the final jar file; including task
  for javadoc)
 - eclipse project file
 - should be tested on linux jdk 5
  (optionally bea jrockit) / win$ / optionally
 IKVM (.NET based JVM) ; MacOS X ; freeBSD
 - pure jar [no native code] much appreciated!
 - import of BSD/Apache/LGPL (/NOT/ GPL) licensed
  code is OK!


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