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The game type is puzzle includes maths and alphabets/spelling in general, gameplay depends on tapping/moving objects (like candy crush) and I'm looking for very creative work specially in game level development and design. Details:

1-The Game includes 4 main puzzle types.

2-All puzzles are based on simple object tap.

3-The puzzles difficulty should increase up on the level completion.

4-The game should include a main character (very cute) interacting with the user with attractive voice (when coming close to solve the puzzle, when win or lose ……….. as it comes!)

5-A game map should include a series of episodes each episode includes levels up to 40 or more (depending)

6-The colours of the game graphics and object should be realistic and eye catching.

7-The game melodies and sound should be outstanding and match the puzzle type.

8-Similar to candy crush, user gets 5 lives and has to wait for more lives or can buy lives. Also want to give an option to user to play wheel of fortune in which they has to bet their life.

9-The game includes 3 advertising channels (can be removed after paying a certain cost in $)

10-in app purchases.

Mainly the game should be for IOS (iPhone,iPad) and android, written in swift and java (not a software like construct 2, unity ....... ) looking to hire 4 very creative people :

1- Graphic Designer (game art, ui, etc….)

2- Game Level developer (specialist) (working together with the Graphic Designer, how the levels improve, the difficulty, ……. to develop the game levels in general)

3- IOS and Android Developer (coding)

4- Sound designer (make sound tracks, voices for the game)

Its possible that one person can do 2 or more of what i asked, for example the Graphic Designer my do the job of the Game Level Designer too. It's easier if a firm do this job for me because it will save a lot of time and management but the main difference will be the work done before and experience so please attach some of your latest works and your experience. I'll give the game illustration after signing the NDA, which will show only how the main puzzles looks like. so i expect team to do all of the other work alone from making game art, character, map, coding, sound, Social.

Please consider:

1- Everyday reporting.

2- Fully commented code so any one can easily understand.

3- Fully Copyrights delivered to me after finishing the project.

4- I expect the team members to collaborate with each other without wasting time as they are professionals.

5- We must always communicate by email or have meetings on Skype or by phone So if i asked for a 200 levels for the game for starter's, please tell me how many hours this may need and your bid (take candy crush as an example).

thanks a lot .


Commentaire de l' administrateur :

  • Le client est: Un entrepreneur qui souhaite lancer un jeu en ligne
  • Le client affirme souhaiter concrétiser son projet: asap
  • Objectif du projet: Création d'un jeux Android,IOS
  • Details du projet: Création d'un jeux Android,IOS
    • Technologie utilisée ou conseillée: IOS, Android,
    • Logiciel utilisé ou conseillé: IOS, Android,
    • Estimation du budget par jour appliqué: 400€
    • Type de mission: Forfait
    • Estimation du délai de réalisation: 10 à 15 jours



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