Initiateur du projet :
Prestataire sélectionné : adrian
Evaluation prestataire : (9.69/10)
Description projet :
Our company own an ecommerce site which sells shoes online. The job we offer is quite simple: cropping the shoes on our pictures so that the shoes have a white background.
All you will need is Photoshop and know how to use the 'magic wand' for example.
A high standard of image cropping is required.
We give you access to the pictures on our FTP server and you put them back after the work is done.
Each model of shoes has about 20 pictures to crop.
Cropping one set (ie 1 model) takes about 40 minutes.
We are willing to pay 8 euro / model (=12 euro/hour).
We have 250 sets to crop.
We could accept up to 3 people on this job.
It could also be a recurring job if results are good.

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