Projet numéro 375 : "IMAGE CROPPING 2NDE PART"

Initiateur du projet :
Prestataire sélectionné : koddi
Evaluation prestataire : (9.61/10)
Description projet :
Our company own an ecommerce site which sells shoes online. The job we offer is quite simple: cropping the shoes on our pictures so that the shoes have a white background.
All you will need is Photoshop and know how to use the 'magic wand' for example.
A high standard of image cropping is required.
We give you access to the pictures on our FTP server and you put them back after the work is done.
Each model of shoes has about 20 pictures to crop.
Cropping one set (ie 1 model) takes about 40 minutes.
We are willing to pay 800 euro (including PEL comm)
We have 125 sets to crop.
It could also be a recurring job if results are good.
I have posted 2 archive files: one with examples of the pictures before process, and one after wiht white background so that you can see the quality expected.
Each set of pictures comes with 2 subfolders:
-one (QTV) with 18 pictures which will be used to make a quicktime media
- one (SPE) with 6 pictures which will be used for still views (and it will take 2 pictures from (QTV) for a total of 8 views of the shoes
It doesn't matter how you do it, only the result is important for us.
In the first archive there a document that tells how to do it with Photoshop (in French sorry) but you can do it the way you want.
Please, attach to your offer a file with your work on one of the set. I am expecting an archive files with 2 folders:
- one called QTV with the 18 cropped images (600x400 72 DPI)
-one called SPE with 16 cropped images (still views): 8 with size: 350x350 72 DPI and 8 with size 120x120 72 DPI with names like in the folders of asterian-after.rar.(XXX_350_A.jpg toXXX_350_H.jpg and XXX_120_A.jpg to XXX_120_A.jpg)
XXX will be the id of the shoes and will be given to you with each set.
I will work with the offer that (in this order of importance) :
- has best quality
- can do it fast
- has best price
ok, that works for us.
we will go WITH shadow, all the set the same way.
for QTV folder, you do NOT need to rename files.
before you proceed to SPE you need to copy the 1st file from QTV to SPE and rename it as xxx_350_D.jpg (left view) and the 10th from QTV to SEP and it rename it as xxx_350_B.jpg (right view).
For the A view in SPE (the one with 2 shoes: one with a 3/4 view and an under view), you need to use the original A view in SPE (under) and to add the 12th image from QTV (3/4 view) to combine the 2 images.
Because of the differences between the size of shoes (sneakers, boots, high steels), there are not rules here but we will supply enough example of how it should looks like, it remains quite simple.
Anyway with the examples included in my second archive you can see the expected result anyway.

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